These Lou Lou Lollipop Kids' Chopsticks Are a Game Changer

Refine your little foodie’s motor skills and keep the traditions going!

September 22, 2022

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For our family, there’s a special pride in getting my son into chopsticks early, because they’re part of his cultural heritage and go back many years in our family’s tradition. But let’s face it: in modern life, using chopsticks is part of life.

Whether it’s picking up banchan (side dishes) at Korean barbecue, slurping up noodles at a street food stall, hitting the new ramen joint at the mall, or even eating Cheetos without getting your fingers dirty, knowing how to use chopsticks is a useful lifelong skill. Now, I’ve found chopsticks that get him on the train early by inspiring confidence and teaching muscle memory.

So, answer my riddle: what do an alligator, a bunny, a llama and a rhino have in common?

Answer: they’re all chopsticks. Yes, chopsticks! Ones that come in a novel design that you’ve never seen before.

If your toddler or young kiddo has been struggling with those Amazon chopsticks — yes, those ones attached at the top — the problem could be that they need more help than the simple, top-attached, tong-like mechanism.

These clever Loulou Lollipop chopsticks have wide, flat tips that make grasping roly-poly objects like peas easy. Kids get bored with food and love to eat in new ways. I like to keep my son interested and on his toes by challenging him to eat everything from baby carrots to pieces of pancake with his chopsticks. Big plus: it’s great for his fine motor skills.

The adjustable finger loops attached to the top have been a game changer in teaching my little one how to master this tricky utensil. Thanks to the loops, these chopsticks conform to your kiddo’s hand, rather than attempting a one-size-fits-all method.

Those finger loops are magic. The way they’re spaced makes it easy for your kiddo to wrap their hands around and use the chopsticks, giving them the confidence to keep trying and get the hang of the basic motion.

I like to hold them (yes, I use his chopsticks sometimes! They’re fun!) with my thumb, index finger and middle finger, but my son prefers to skip the index finger. He spaces his tiny little hand out over the grips, using his outer fingers in the loops. The loops adjust and turn around so if your kid has wider hands, he can still be comfortable. When your kid is done with the loops, simply remove them and use them as normal, tong-like chopsticks. Then, graduate them to adult pairs.

The dishwasher-safe chopsticks are made for ages three and older. They’re also made of 100% premium food-grade silicone and food-safe plastic, and free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, and cadmium.

And my favorite part: they’re super cute! I have several pairs and I can’t wait to collect all the animals. On a hot or rainy day, we even use these animal chopsticks to play pick-up games in the living room. Who says you can’t play with your food?


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