5 New Ways to Make Chili This Season

These innovative ways to make chili will warm you right up when the cold weather hits!

November 20, 2018
By: Kristine Boyd
delicious pumpkin stewed with meat and vegetables close-up in a saucepan on a table. horizontal

delicious pumpkin stewed with meat and vegetables close-up in a saucepan on a table. horizontal

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Tis the season for chili…every night of the week. Yes, this is an easy and convenient dinner to make on the fly, but many of us exhaust it by the end of these cold autumn months. But you don’t have to make the same chili recipe over and over again! Experiment with new chili recipes so you can enjoy a delicious home cooked meal every week without getting bored.

Pumpkin Chili by Simply Recipes

What is more fall than a big bowl of pumpkin chili? Nothing. Don’t be afraid, this does not taste like a pumpkin spice latte in chili form. This is more like a squash chili with tons of amazing spices that make this a delicious, savory dish. Pumpkin chili is a must try this season!

White Chicken Chili by The Brown Eyed Baker

This chicken chili recipe is made with white beans, a trio of chilies, and ton of spices to amp up the flavor. You can cut the cooking time in half by using rotisserie chicken already prepped and ready from the store. All that’s left to do is add peppers, onions, chilies, and spices to make a delicious meal for the family. This spicy, fresh take on chili will be your new favorite weeknight meal.

Buffalo Chicken Chili by Mama Gourmand

Take your love for buffalo wings and transform them into the perfect gameday chili. The base of this chili only takes you 10 minutes to make and then you let the slow cooker do the rest of the work for you! This dish combines everything you love about buffalo chicken and turns it into a bowl of creamy chili goodness.

Sweet Potato Chili by Simply Quinoa

This chili is beyond delicious and it is extremely good for you. This recipe tricks you into thinking that you are eating an indulgent bowl of chili for dinner, when really you are getting in vegetables, healthy grains, and tons of fiber. Sweet potato chili is so easy to make and will become your family’s new go-to healthy meal!

Turkey Quinoa Chili by Well Plated

This recipe is perfect if you are cooking for a crowd! The longer that this chili sits, the better it gets! You can make this a few days in advance before a family party or a football game this season. It has tons of flavor and will fuel your body with healthy ingredients to keep you feeling amazing!

Chili doesn’t just have to be beef and beans. Mix it up with one of these fun recipes that your family and friends will love! For more fall recipes like these, click here!

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