This Mini Stepper Gives Me the Best At-Home Workout

A small machine that packs a big punch.

July 10, 2024
By: Amanda Mushro

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Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Since I work from home and spend way too many hours staring at my computer, I need easy ways to sneak in workouts. The problem? I don't want to fill up my home office with big, bulky workout equipment — small and effective is key to my workout success. So, when I found the Merach Mini Stepper is a compact fitness machine that promises a big workout in a small package, I knew I had to try it. 



Within a few weeks of using the mini stepper, I was hooked and so was my husband, who also works from home. Because the stepper is so small, we've been moving the stepper back and forth in our workspaces and getting a few steps in between meetings and Zoom calls.

Here's the lowdown on my experience with the Merach Mini Stepper.

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

First Impressions

Right out of the box, the Merach Mini Stepper makes a great first impression. It's sleek, modern design is both attractive and functional. The stepper is surprisingly lightweight yet feels sturdy and well-built. 

Assembly was a breeze — within minutes, I had it set up and ready to go. The compact size is a major plus, easily fitting into small spaces without being intrusive. It's perfect for those of us who live in apartments or have limited workout space.

The stepper also comes with a user-friendly digital monitor that tracks steps, time, and calories burned. This feature is a nice touch, allowing you to keep tabs on your progress without needing a separate fitness tracker.

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro


  • This stepper delivers a surprisingly intense workout. Don't let its small size fool you — after just a few minutes of stepping, I could feel the burn in my legs and glutes. The adjustable resistance bands add an upper body workout to the mix, making it a great full-body exercise machine. It's like having a mini gym at your feet!
  • The compact design is another major win. I love how easy it is to store the stepper when not in use. It fits perfectly under a bed or in a closet, making it ideal for those with limited space. Plus, it's portable enough to move around easily. 
  • The price point is also fantastic. Compared to other fitness equipment, the Merach Mini Stepper is a cost-effective way to add some variety to your workout routine without breaking the bank.


  • One of the main drawbacks is the noise. While not excessively loud, the stepper does produce a bit of a squeak during use. It's not a deal-breaker, but it's something to be aware of, especially if you are sharing your space with someone else or using it while watching TV.
  • Another minor gripe is the resistance bands. While they add a nice upper body element to the workout, they can be a bit awkward to use at first. It took me a little while to get the hang of incorporating them into my stepping routine. Additionally, the bands are not adjustable, so those looking for varying levels of resistance might find them lacking.
  • Lastly, the digital monitor, while useful, can be a bit finicky. It occasionally resets or loses track of your progress, which can be frustrating. However, this didn't happen often enough to be a major issue and the benefits of having the monitor outweighed this occasional inconvenience.

Bottom Line

Photo by: Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

Courtesy of Amanda Mushro

The Merach Mini Stepper is a great piece of workout equipment for anyone looking to get fit without taking up too much space. It delivers a surprisingly robust workout, targeting both lower and upper body muscles, all while being compact and affordable. It's small enough to fit under a standing desk or stored in a closet when you aren't using it. 

While it does have a few minor drawbacks, like the occasional noise and the finicky digital monitor, these are easy to overlook considering the overall effectiveness, convenience and price of the stepper.

If you're in the market for a space-saving, budget-friendly way to stay active at home, this stepper is worth considering. It's a small package that packs a powerful punch, helping you stay fit and healthy without the need for a full-sized gym.

Ready to add this mini stepper to your workout routine? Get it HERE.


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