Here’s What You Should Buy and Skip During New Year’s Sales

In the new year, these are the deals to snag.

By: Amanda Mushro

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High angle view of young woman making credit card payment while doing online shopping on laptop. Technology makes shopping easier. Mockup image for woman doing online shopping.


High angle view of young woman making credit card payment while doing online shopping on laptop. Technology makes shopping easier. Mockup image for woman doing online shopping.

Photo by: Oscar Wong

Oscar Wong

The rush from holiday shopping has ended, but now you’re seeing New Year’s and after Christmas sales popping up everywhere. You hate to miss out on a deal, so should you grab a few items during these sales? Our vote is yes, but make sure you are grabbing the right items. If Santa didn’t bring you everything on your wishlist, you can buy it on sale for yourself. Here are the items to purchase and the items to skip during New Year’s sales.

Buy: Holiday Decor

While many stores start to discount these items before the holidays, you’ll see the deepest discounts on decor, wrapping paper, ornament, artificial trees, and holiday lights post Christmas. If you have the space to store these items, and you want to freshen up your holiday decorations, grab these items now.

Skip: Linens

In a few weeks, you’ll see plenty of White Sales that offer discounts on items like bedding, pillows, and towels. During these sales, you’ll see better deals on the items you’ll need to freshen up your linen closet. So, put these items back and wait a few weeks for the sales later this month.

Buy: Home Gym Equipment

As we kick off our New Year’s resolutions, many of us will be working on our fitness and would rather get a workout in from the comfort of our home. During NYE sales, you’ll see home gym equipment prices drop — especially on older models. So, if you want to grab a treadmill or stationary bike, now is a great time to do this.

Skip: Electronics

If you didn’t get the tablet, laptop, or TV that you were hoping for, this is not the time to purchase these big ticket items. Later in January/early February, many electronics will go on sale as retailers need to make room for the new models that will be hitting the shelves. Do your research now and grab these items later this month for a better discount.

Buy: Winter Clothes

We are only a few weeks into winter — and if you’re in need of a new pair of winter boots, a cozy sweater, or a warm winter jacket, this is the best time to purchase these items. Retailers will drop prices on all winter clothing items after the holidays so they can move out the inventory because in a few weeks, you’ll see the new spring items being moved in. If you have young kids, size up and stock up for next winter.

Skip: Mattresses

If you are hoping to get a better night's rest in the new year, hold off on a new mattress. You’ll find better deals during President’s Day sales in February. You’ll also see better deals around other three-day weekend holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

Buy: Travel Fares

After the hustle and bustle of holiday travel, many people aren’t buying air fare or booking hotels. However, if you are looking to get away in the new year, you may find great deals on travel during these sales.


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