Finally, A Store-Bought Salsa That My Kids Like

The perfect amount of flavor and a hit at family dinners!

November 30, 2023
By: Cameron Curtis

Photo by: SOMOS


Like many kids under the age of 10, my girls are quite discerning (ahem, sensitive) when it comes to spicy foods. One of our go-to weeknight meals is a quesadilla with beans and rice. I wanted to level up and get some more flavors into this standby to hopefully start priming their tastebuds for an upcoming trip to Mexico. I’ve tried many, many brands of seasonings and salsas, to which they have resoundingly said: "too spicey!"

I was thrilled when they both agreed that the Salsa Macha from SOMOS was just the right amount of flavor. I paired it with the Smoky Chipotle Mushroom Burrito Bowl Kit and I was truly winning my Tuesday dinnertime.

Co-founded by former KIND Snacks executives and Mexican-American friends, Daniel Lubetzky, Miguel Leal, and Rodrigo Zuloaga, SOMOS is a Mexican food brand that has complete meals, snacks, and foundations.

Photo by: SOMOS


The meal kits (including the one I used) are ready in 90 seconds or less. The Salsa Macha is a "Mexican chili crisp" made with chilies, nuts, fruits, seeds, and avocado oil. A regular 2-pack is $17.99 and the new gift pack with custom artwork painted by Maestro Margarito Melchor in Oaxaca retails for $34.99. The spoon is designed to fit as a lid over the salsa jar for easy access (Plus, it’s super cute!).

Shop SOMOS on their site and on Amazon.


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