Sorry, Duchess Kate but Moms of Three are the Most Stressed

Congrats on baby number three, Kate, but a survey says now you’ll be more stressed!

September 06, 2017
By: Amanda Mushro

With all of the excitement over the announcement of a new royal baby for Prince William and Duchess Kate, it looks like Kate will have more than just her severe morning sickness to deal with. When the baby arrives, Kate will join the group of moms that are reported to have the most stress: moms of three.

According to a survey, moms with three kids are feeling more stressed than moms with one or two kids. However, the level of stress seemed to decrease rather than increase for larger families. So moms of four, five, or more are feeling less stressed. Apparently, when it comes to kids, more is better.

The survey, which polled over 7,000 women, had moms rate their stress levels on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most stressed. Across the board, most moms were feeling an 8.5 stress level. So what is causing the most stress to moms? Feeling like you never have enough time to get everything done is a day ranked the highest. Internal stress also seems to weigh heavily on moms with 75% saying they stress more about the pressure they put on themselves to be "perfect" than the pressure or judgment they get from other moms.

What can moms do to help alleviate stress? Start by taking a break from your day for a little "me time." If that is working out, catching up on your favorite show, or just taking a few minutes for a quiet cup of coffee, make this time a priority. While your to-do list will always be full when you are a mom, taking a few minutes for self-care can help decrease your stress levels daily.

While Duchess Kate will have an entire palace and staff to assist her with raising her three kids, three kids will be stressful. After all, we only have two hands! We want to know what you think. Do you think three is the most stressful number of kids? What tips would you give to a mom that needs to de-stress?

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