This Bride Flew Down the Aisle By Balloons, Because Walking Down the Aisle Is So Last Season

A soaring love tale.

March 22, 2018
By: TLCme

Every bride wants their day to be special, to stand out from the rest - to be the most memorable experience not only for her but for all her guests, no pressure. Well one bride took it to new heights, literally. Chirine Sabaiti Mahmassani, a self declared extreme sports fanatic, decided to fly into her wedding via 250 helium filled balloons; as if the Florence, Italy location wasn't enough of a wow-factor. Chirine states that she wanted her entrance to reflect her extreme personality and love for extreme sports, and we must say, mission accomplished.

Photo by: Bride Book

Bride Book

A very nonchalant entrance.

Photo by: Bride Book

Bride Book

Very chill, very laid back.

Photo by: Bride Book

Bride Book

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