The Prettiest Blush Wedding Dresses

In many flattering shades of pink and peach, these dresses will leave no doubt in your guests’ minds who the blushing bride is.

August 07, 2018
By: Katie Morton

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Who says a bride must wear white? White wedding dresses became popular in the 1840s when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert, and nearly 200 years later, we're finally starting to see a break from this long-lasting trend, with brides choosing colors other than white for their walk down the aisle.

If you want to break away from the traditional white wedding dress but aren't quite ready for bolder colors, then a blush wedding dress might be just what you're looking for. In many flattering shades of pink and peach, these dresses will leave no doubt in your guests' minds who the blushing bride is.

1. Form Flattering

When you've spent months at the gym getting ready for the big day (and maybe working off some of that wedding planning stress), then you need a dress that will show off all those hard-won curves. The stylish details of this gown--piping on the deep V back, lace appliques, and soft, flowing tulle godets--flatters in all the right places.

2. Floral Sweetheart

You can toss the bouquet and no one will miss the flowers thanks to the gorgeous floral applique on this strapless gown. A perfect updo and bolder earrings set off the sweetheart neckline.

3. Beach Bride

The touches of blush, simple neckline, spaghetti straps, and flowing fabric give this dress a breezy quality perfect for a beach wedding.

4. Sunset Dream

With romantic, cloud-like ruffles and in a shade of pink that perfectly complements the cotton candy clouds, you'll be breathtaking in your sunset photos.

5. Elegant Knockout

If you want beautiful blush color and bold style, then this is your dress. With a plunging, embellished neckline and sheer, pleated skirts, all eyes will be on you.

6. Fairy Tale Wedding

A perfect dress for any woman who's been dreaming of a fairytale wedding since childhood. You'll practically float down the aisle in these billowing layers of pink tulle.

7. Ethereal Beauty

Floral lace applique gives way to flowing blush chiffon in this ultra-feminine dress. Set against a bridal party dressed in white, the bride shines - another example of how to beautifully break from tradition (and why some rules were made to be broken).

8. Muted Elegance

The high neckline, draped chiffon, and soft blush of this dress are classically elegant and feminine.

9. Playful Style

Playful but stylish, this dress will easily take you from the aisle to the photoshoot and onto the dancefloor. The simple but eye-catching cathedral veil plays perfectly off the princess skirt.

10. Princess Bride

Beautifully adorned with three-dimensional floral details, this rose beauty is ideal for a princess wedding.

11. Retro Glam

Calling to mind images of Marilyn Monroe, this dress is perfect for those with more of a pin-up girl style.

These dazzling dresses show that sometimes it's good to break away from the norm. A blush wedding dress is just different enough to add your own touch of style to your wedding without shocking your traditional relatives (or soon-to-be relatives). With so many shades of pink, peach, and blush to choose from, you're bound to find the right color and style to become the beautiful bride you've dreamt you'll be.

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