7 Super Charts That’ll Help You Find The Perfect Wedding Dress

These amazingly helpful charts will help you narrow down your wedding dress picks. Look at these wedding dress charts before you start shopping.

July 10, 2015
By: TLCme

If you watch "Say Yes To The Dress" as much as we do, then you probably know that shopping for a wedding dress can be a daunting process, or a magical moment, depending on the bride. But even if you don't have Randy, Monte or Lori there to to help you pick out your gown, there's something every bride-to-be can do to help the shopping process along, and that's arm themselves with as much information as possible. And that's why we've found these handy wedding dress charts, which should help you figure out the best dress for your figure, your favorite fabrics, and all the little details that'll help make your dress the perfect one for your big day.

What style works best for your body, according to JLM Couture:

Know your necklines...

...And your fabrics.

Pick out the perfect veil.

Get the waistline that suits you most.

Feeling modest? These bodice types will keep you covered.

And finally, figure out what lingerie you should wear under your gown. (WINK WINK).

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