Kristen Bell Shares the White Lies She Tells Her Kids

Lying is bad---but these white lies are so good.

October 11, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

Lying is wrong—this is a life lesson that we teach our kids. However, let’s get real—as parents sometimes we are big fat liars. To be fair, those lies are usually white lies that make our lives or our kid’s lives a little easier. So when one of our favorite celeb moms, Kristen Bell, spilled the tea on the little white lies she tells her kids, we were all ears.

The 38-year-old actress shares two daughters, Delta, 3, and Lincoln, 5, with husband Dax Shepard and has been quite candid about motherhood and all of its ups and downs. So when it comes to celebrating her daughters’ birthdays, she’s taking full advantage of her girls not really understanding days of the week.

"I've also lied to them about when their birthday is," she told the TODAY Show. "Well, like, if it's a Wednesday, and we can't celebrate and we're both working late, then guess what? Your birthday is Saturday."

"They don't know!" she added.

This move is one straight out of my motherhood-play-book. A few years ago my husband and I told the kids Christmas was a few days early so we could hit the road early and not travel on days we knew traffic would be a nightmare. The kids were thrilled, Christmas was amazing, and they were too young to know Santa came to their house days earlier than everyone else. I’ll call this one a parenting win.

Now of course, as your kids get older, these types of white lies won’t work, and on other matters, honesty with your kids is essential. For Bell, making sure her daughters know that she is always coming home after work is a time to honest and straight with her little ladies.

"Our preschool gave us language to say, 'You know, mommies always come back,'" she said. "And that's very helpful, because then they have that as a mantra."

We absolutely love Bell’s honesty about motherhood, and even though she says she often over-shares---we hope she continues because we adore her for it.

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