Fit Mom Paola Mayfield’s Solo Workout Routines

Indoor and outdoor activities to get you moving.

Photo by: Instagram: @paola_mayfield

Instagram: @paola_mayfield

Social distancing can make the days feel as if they’re running together. Getting your body moving helps add variety to your day and keeps your energy up. Going to the gym is out, but that doesn't mean you can't stay active.

90 Day Fiancé mom Paola Mayfield recently shared a video guide of quick and easy solo workouts she uses to stay fit. These are perfect for those who want to stay active during these unprecedented times.

Outdoor Exercise: 30 minutes of cardio

Try going for a 30-minute run around your neighborhood. Alternate between moving forward, backward and shuffling sideways to activate the major muscles in your legs.

Indoor Exercise: Paola’s Routine

  • Crossover Lunges 3x20

  • Deadlift 3x10

  • Sumo deadlift 3x10

  • Stiff Deadlift 3x10

Lifts and lunges engage your glutes, quads and hamstrings while the added weight helps target the muscles in your neck and back.

Regardless of which workout you prefer, remember to wipe down even your own equipment after use and to wash your hands when coming in from outdoors.

Happy exercising!

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