These Viral Hacks Will Soothe Sore Winter Skin

These skincare hacks may inspire you to change up your winter routine.

November 22, 2022
By: Amanda Mushro


Photo by: Tetra Images

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Winter can wreak havoc on your skin. Even if you’re loading up on the moisturizer, your skin can feel dry, dull, and itchy during the winter months. If you’ve been searching for ways to save your precious skin from the effects of frigid temperatures, there’s a good chance you’ll find a few viral skincare hacks floating around online that promise to soften your skin and keep you looking glowy and moisturized all winter long. But do they actually work? You’re in luck because we tried out some of the most popular winter skincare hacks and here are the ones worth adding into your skincare routine.

Lanolin for Your Lips

When it comes to your chapped lips, skip the regular lip balm and chapstick and instead break out the nipple cream. Yes, you read that right: the same cream recommended for nursing moms to ease their pain from breastfeeding is actually perfect for soothing red and chapped lips. The key ingredient in many of the lip balms that you’re already using is lanolin. It’s what is making your lips feel soft and moisturized. So instead of using products that have added fragrance or extra chemicals that can be even more drying to your lips, just use the product that is actually helping to soothe and protect your winter chapped lips, lanolin. Plus, buying a container of lanolin will last you longer than regular lip balms, saving you money in the end, and, as an added bonus, it actually gives a nice shine that looks like you are wearing a nude lip gloss.

Lanolin is great to use on your kids' faces if they get the dreaded red ring around their mouths from licking their chapped lips.


If you’ve got dry patches of skin on your face or overall it looks and feels like your regular moisturizer is just not doing its job, it’s time to try slugging. This viral trend changes your nighttime routine to cleanse, moisturize and then coat your face with petroleum (like Vaseline) to lock the moisture into your skin while you sleep.

Slugging is a skincare secret that has been around for a long time but recently became more popular after going viral on TikTok. What’s great about slugging is that it’s inexpensive, easy to do, and it’s effective. While some may be nervous that it will lead to breakouts, fans of this technique say that’s not the case and they are only left with softer skin. Just be careful loading up on different serums and chemicals before slugging because they may cause some irritation.

Wet Skincare Hack

This one is super easy and fans of this technique say it leaves their skin looking glowy and soft. Instead of applying your serums and lotions to dry skin, start by adding a little water to your face and then slather on your skincare. This skincare hack leaves your skin looking more plump and hydrated and allows your products to really get into your skin to do its job.

Fans of this technique say you don’t need your skin to be soaking wet to work and should just slightly dampen your skin to see the results.

This moisturizer actually works better when your face is damp and is a fan favorite of skincare enthusiasts.

Warm Hands for Better Product Absorption

Warm hands, better skincare – that’s how the saying goes, right? Maybe it should because this viral trend suggests warming up your hands to apply products like serums so that you can boost circulation and help the products absorb into your skin faster.

To give this one a try, just rub your hands together and then press the product into your face. It’s like you are giving yourself a mini facial at home and if you see results, that’s even better.

If you’re looking for a great serum to help with smoothing fine lines and brightening your skin, try this one from CeraVe:


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