Hilarious Anti-Exercise Snapchat Video Is Everything We Need Right Now

Congrats on your AM arm reps, bravo.

September 25, 2017
By: Amanda Mushro

We all have those friends who are fitness fanatics. While we love their enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle and hitting the gym before the sun rises, we can't help but wonder, don't you just want to sleep in some mornings? Well, one mom created a hilarious video that says just about everything we are thinking about those early morning Facebook check-ins for intense workouts, and now we are working on our own six-pack--from laughing so hard at this viral video.

Heather Land is the creator of the hilarious Facebook page I Ain't Doin It where she posts short Snapchat videos that will leave you in stitches. She rants about all things that drive everyone crazy like school fundraisers, bad first dates, and school drop off. However, it's her video calling out everyone that checks into Crossfit at 5:00 in the morning that has gone viral.

In her post titled "I AIN'T DOIN IT -- CROSSFIT CHECK-IN, Land is quick to explain why she refuses to workout at such an early time. "I know I could be there but I didn't have death penciled in on my schedule today so think I'm gonna pass." Land says while using a popular Snapchat filter. "Pretty sure Wall Balls and Bear Crawls ain't how I'm going out. Jesus is taking me home in a cocktail dress, OK? Not my Danskin shorts." Can't. Stop. Laughing.

Turns out, Land knows what she is talking about because she told Yahoo Lifestyle that she tried a few Crossfit workouts. "I cried every day face-first in the mat and wanted to quit life on numerous occasions -- usually mid-way through a box jump," she says. "I just tapped into that side and those ever-so-present dark memories and gave it a go."

Land wraps up her short and sweet video with one final thought about Crossfit "Tell you one thing, I'd rather catch my pinky toe on a bed frame than to be caught dead at Crossfit. Mmhmm. I ain't doin it."

So while we would love to get in a great workout today, it probably won't be at 5 AM. Maybe tomorrow-- but probably not.

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