5 Fitness Classes Perfect For Beginners

Wanna try getting in shape but aren't sure where to start? These 5 beginner-ready fitness classes should help with that.

April 01, 2016
By: Ashley Lauretta

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Being a beginner at anything is intimidating. This is especially true when it comes to fitness classes, where you worry about what others will think about your less-than-perfect form or current fitness level. The important thing to remember is everyone starts somewhere and the important part is that you're getting out there and working to make yourself healthier.

Some fitness classes are better than others for beginners and we have rounded up five of the best -- some you may have heard of and some that may be completely new -- so you can get out there and have fun with fitness. If one isn't for you, try others on the list! Some styles of classes will be a better fit than others, but with such a big variety in workout types, you are bound to find one that clicks!


If you love dancing, this workout is for you. If you don't love dancing, don't worry -- you will after you try Zumba. You'll get an aerobic workout while dancing to some of the best songs. Many of the dance moves are reminiscent of both salsa and hip-hop and are very beginner-friendly. Expect to have so much fun that it won't even feel like work, just a dance party with some new friends.


The truth is, barre classes are tough. The good news for beginners is that class sizes are small so you'll get a lot of attention from the instructor. This means that you can get some modifications should moves be too hard or too difficult. Barre workouts have you at a ballet barre, doing small bodyweight movements to help lengthen and lean out your muscles. You will definitely feel shaky and your muscles burning, but the result is more flexibility and a killer workout.

Boot Camp

For those who lack motivation, boot camp classes will get you in gear. These classes are high intensity and a full body workout, often with a tough-as-nails (in a loving way) instructor. You'll use weights, do plenty of push-ups and core work, with just enough rest in between sets so your heart rate stays high. Expect to be worked but make use of that extra push from the instructor and use the motivation to fuel the workout.

Freestyle Swimming

If you love the water, see if a local pool has freestyle classes. These classes are often small and do involve swimming laps, but you will take away a lot from the class besides a cardio workout. Learn proper breathing, different swim strokes and best practices for kicking to help you glide through the water. These classes will be useful if you decide to go on to join a Master's Swim Club or participate in a triathlon in the future.


For those looking for a more mellow workout, give yoga a try. Focusing on breathing and flowing movements, yoga is a great way to improve your flexibility and your spacial awareness. Additionally, you'll get a great workout all while becoming more connected to your body -- and brain. Even better? A lot of the breathing patterns you'll practice in yoga can be used to help stay calm during stressful situations.

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