UCLA Gymnast’s Boogie-Filled Routine Should Be an Inspiration to Kids Everywhere

posted: 02/10/16
by: TLCme

Typically gymnastics competitions are all about stiff, almost military-like perfection in form and presentation. If Sophina DeJesus's now-viral, 9.925-scoring floor exercise is any indication, that may be about to change.

While the UCLA gymnast definitely sticks the landing in her tumbling passes and shows perfect form in her splits and twirls, she also adds a looser, fun element to her routine by slipping in some references to the "Whip Nae Nae" and other dance moves.

The video of her performance has now been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube, and has landed her coverage in esteemed national news publications like The New York Times.

DeJesus explained to the Times that the reason she added in some unconventional, hip-hop flavored moves was because she "wanted to end my senior year with a bang." And that she did: she helped her team win their competition, which is now ranked in the top 10 in its NCAA division.