This Mother's Response to Her Son's Anger Fit is Inspiring to Parents Everywhere

We could all learn something from this!

November 29, 2017
By: Kristine Boyd

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Photo by: Majestic Unicorn

Majestic Unicorn

Blogger Kathleen Fleming of Majestic Unicorn recently shared a very personal story that is inspiring parents everywhere. So often, we result to frustration when our kids get angry. We forget that everyone experiences anger and it is our job to guide them through it and teach them that it is okay to talk about it.

One day, Kathleen's young son was very angry and upset. He rushed to the bathroom and slammed the door, not realizing the domino effect it would have. As soon as the door slammed a large mirror shattered into a million pieces all over the hallway. What Kathleen did next, is what we all need to do more of. She stepped back, took a deep breath, and walked outside. Taking that time to step away from the situation and not act out on your immediate emotion is what made Kathleen realize that her son was only an upset kid who accidently slammed the door too hard.

She was upset and crying from what happened, but knew one thing for sure; her son needed her. In her post she wrote, "That small, fragile soul needs you right now. He needs your very best. Your biggest compassion. Your most gentle and firm mama love and reassurance." She could hear his tears from the bathroom and when she walked in he said, "Mama, I'll never do it again, I am SO sorry."

She used this moment to teach her son a lesson about anger. Kathleen didn't lecture him about how bad anger is and that he should never feel that way. But, she did tell him that it's something we all face and how to deal with it. She created an open conversation about anger with her son saying "You are never alone in your anger. You are never alone in your fears. I'm here. We're here together." This is a valuable lesson that we can all learn from. It is so easy to forget that simply talking about an issue can make all the difference!

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