This Hilarious Mom Used Pizza to Document Each Month of Her Baby’s First Year

Delicious pizza and a delicious baby. We love it.

By: Amanda Mushro

New mom Dani Giannandrea wins the award for the best and most delicious 1-year baby photoshoot ever. Instead of pulling out the typical numbered stickers or balloons, this mom used pizza slices to represent each month of growth. So, not only did Giannandrea have a yummy dinner planned on those nights, but she also got some pretty adorable pictures of her baby. That is what we call multi-tasking!

“I knew I wanted to do a monthly milestone project for Lorenzo,” Giannandrea told The Daily Meal. “I had tossed around a few ideas but ultimately decided if we were going to do this right, we may as well also get dinner out of it each month. So, pizza for the win!”

Exactly! After all, who doesn’t love a great pizza from your favorite pizza place? Plus, you don’t have to cook and clean up — a welcome change for any mom.

To accomplish this priceless shoot, Giannandrea would open up a pizza box every month and lay slices next to her baby, marking his age. From the one month yawing picture, to the five months where he is moving and grooving, his growth is adorably captured. Not only was the pizza idea cute and clever, the Maryland mom said it was also a fun nod to her son Lorenzo’s Italian inspired name.

When she shared the finished project with all twelve pictures on social media, it immediately went viral with plenty of parents saying they were going to use her creative milestone pizza pics.

“I think millennial moms are always looking for new and creative ways to document monthly growth and milestones with their newborns,” Giannandrea said. “And what is better than pizza and babies?”

Nothing. Nothing is better than pizza and babies.

So, if you are expecting a baby, skip the numbered blankets from Etsy and make your life a little easier every month by ordering a pizza and snapping a few pics for their scrapbooks.

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