This 7-Year-Old YouTuber Made Millions in 2018

BRB, starting a YouTube channel for my kids.

By: Amanda Mushro

If you’ve ever asked your kids, “why do you like watching videos of other kids playing with toys?” you may want to sit down for this one. One of the most popular YouTubers, who is the ripe old age of 7, will be raking in $22 million this year from unboxing and playing with toys. That’s right – $22 million.

Forbes released its list of YouTube’s top earners, and while the list includes gamers, makeup experts and pranksters, the king of the video social media channel is 7-year-old Ryan, of Ryan ToysReview.

His channel launched in 2015 and he has already amassed 17.3 million followers. If you aren’t familiar with Ryan and his channel, ask your younger kids because they are probably familiar with his videos where he plays with new toys and talks about why he likes the toy.

From the unboxing to seeing the toys in action, Ryan’s fans are hooked on his lighthearted videos. When asked why he thinks his fans love his channel, Ryan is honest. "I’m entertaining and I’m funny," he said in an interview with NBC News.

In 2017, Ryan earned the eighth highest paid spot on YouTube with a reported $11 million income. Because of the success of his channel, Ryan launched his own line of toys with Walmart, which Forbes reports helped his jump this year. However, since he is a minor, Forbes says most of the money will be put in a trust for Ryan that he can access when he is an adult and the rest of the money is used to purchase the toys and to cover the cost of video production.

Ryan’s channel really has become a family affair. His mom, who is a former high school chemistry teacher, now works full-time on managing his channel. His dad, a structural engineer, often appears in Ryan’s videos as well as his younger sisters, twins Emma and Kate. The family has even created a second channel called Ryan's Family Review that features the entire family. According to Ryan’s mom, most of his viewers are children between the ages of three and seven.

While the others that topped YouTube’s list are getting millions of views, looks like they can’t come close to the adorable Ryan. We can’t wait to see what this little entrepreneur does next.

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