Dad Disciplining His Three Dogs Is Way Too Familiar

We've all been here.

March 12, 2018
By: TLCme

I don't think there was a worse feeling when my parents "weren't mad" but just "disappointed," it's just please for the love of all that's holy can you just be mad at me? Well, I think these three dogs know that feeling exactly, when their owner, Greg Bannon came home to find Ace, Maggie and Ellie had some fun while the parents were gone throwing trash all over the house. Jennifer Bannon, Greg's wife filmed this video of Greg lining up all three pups to give them a stern talking to to ask who is responsible. The dogs don't say anything, because well, they are dogs, but their eyes sure do tell the story of who is guilty.

Favorite line from Greg has to be: "Now we gotta clean this stuff up because ya'll don't have thumbs."

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