5 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Keep the Earth Day Celebrations Going All Year Long

Make every day Earth Day in your home.

By: Amanda Mushro


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Though Earth Day is only celebrated once a year, we need to look out for our planet every day. Who better to take on this big job than our kids? After all, it won’t be long before this planet is all theirs.

Even if Earth Day events have wrapped up for this year, you and your kids can keep the celebrations going by focusing on conservation, recycling and finding ways to reduce your carbon footprints all year long. Need some inspiration? Here are a few small ways your kids can continue their promise to keep the planet safe and healthy.

Meatless Mondays



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Did you know that the production of steak takes 28 times more land, 11 times more irrigation water, five times more greenhouse gas emissions and six times more fertilizer than other protein sources? So, when you are meal planning for the week, include your kids in the process and plan for a meatless Monday meal. There are so many meatless options for your entire family and it’s a great way to help the planet and get your kids to eat their veggies.

Pull the Plug



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Encouraging your kids to turn off the lights around the house is a great start to saving energy and keeping your electric bill down but try taking it a step further by having them pull the plugs on their devices and technology. There is no need to charge up all night or while they are in school. For the devices that can’t be unplugged, many can be switched to energy-saving modes. These simple steps can save over one-third of your family’s daily energy use.

Timer in the Tub



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We all love taking long, hot baths and showers, but have your kids make a conscious effort to spend less time in the shower to save water and energy. A small kitchen timer in the bathroom is a great way to watch your time and water usage while in the tub. Just be sure they are still using soap and shampoo during the shorter timeframe!

Go Green at School



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Ariel Skelley

Check with your kid’s school to see if they already have a Green Team for students or if your kids can start one. With teachers and other students, the Green Team can encourage recycling programs in the school and find other ways to make the campus greener.

Community Programs

Encourage your kids to take part in cleanups and recycling programs in your area. Starting small can make a big impact and there’s nowhere better to start than where you live.



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