5 Tips for Dressing Your Family for a Fall Photoshoot

Before you go shopping, here’s how to be inspired and pull together picture-perfect clothes for your entire family.

September 21, 2017
By: Amanda Mushro

Photo by: iStock


Fall is the perfect time to take family photos. With beautiful fall foliage and gorgeous sunlight, you couldn't ask for a lovelier backdrop for your next family portrait. But before your family can strike a pose for the camera, you need to figure out what everyone is going to wear. To get that chic and cozy fall look for every member of your family, you'll need a little planning and a little styling. Check out these tips before you choose everyone's outfits.

1. Find inspiration in your home.

Since you will be hanging these family photos in your house, think about the room you will display the pictures in. You don't want the pictures to clash, so choose a color scheme for your clothes that will accent the room but still look great in the fall foliage.

2. Start with one outfit and build from that piece.

It can feel overwhelming to find outfits that not only look good but look good together for your entire family. So start with just one outfit as your inspiration and build everyone else's from the inspiration piece. Whether that is a dress or a jacket, take it with you while you shop for your family's clothes.

3. Skip matching and go for coordinating.

Matching colors can leave your pictures looking flat and boring. If you find trendy and Pinterest-worthy family photos online, you'll see that matching colors are out because families are opting for coordinating colors. Lay out all of the outfits you have chosen for your family and see if the colors flow and accent each other rather than clash or match.

4. Skip busy patterns.

From wild prints and large flowers, busy patterns can be distracting on camera and can clash with the outfits your other family members are wearing. Stick with solids or smaller prints on pants or skirts. If you find a pattern that you love and want to include, try to limit patterns to just one member of the family. Add texture like jackets and sweaters for extra flair instead of the patterned clothes.

5. Try on before the big day.

If you are dressing your kids, you know they can get quite particular about what they wear. Make picture day go smoothly by having everyone try on their outfits, including shoes, before everyone says "cheese." This is also a great way to see if anything needs altering, if a particular outfit is uncomfortable, or if you need to find new pieces or accessories.

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