These Sisters In Their 90s Helping Their 97-Year-Old Sister In Hospice Care Will Warm Your Heart

There til the very end.

July 26, 2018
By: Mel Owens

This video reminded me of my grandma. These two sisters are helping their other sister look pretty who is in hospice care in her home, "Let's get her bangs" they say "Let me get the back a little bit." My grandmother was the type of lady who set her hair every night, from the moment she said she was going to bed til she was actually in bed was about a 1-hour long process, and it was beautiful. She enjoyed her night creams and her soft curlers that she would sleep in tied with a beautiful and always fashionable scarf. When I was visiting her as she would prepare for bed I'd sit in her room and talk to her about her day, which usually consisted of making a sandwich and watching her soaps...but it was more than that you know, it was time with my Grandma. One time I asked her "Grandma, why do you get so dressed up to just be around the house." (My young and ignorant self thought it was a vanity thing.) She responded by saying "It makes me feel good and who knows, maybe I'll have somewhere to go but you should always want to feel your best." (She never found out about athleisure, and I'm pretty sure she'd call it lazy).

When she was in her 90s she had a stroke, she lost mobility in the left side of her body, but her mind remained intact. I remember when I went to see her in the hospital when it first happened, I started crying and she asked me weakly "What's wrong sweetheart?" At this point in my life, I knew what a stroke was, but I had never been around someone I love so much who had one; I didn't really understand someone could go to the hospital and not come out exactly the same. She was very fortunate her mind was there and she knew who people were -- but her mobility meant she couldn't do things like set her hair, put on her dresses -- do what she did to make herself feel good. Her family helped her do these things and this put back a sense of normalcy for her. She never got upset about her new condition, instead would always do exercises to improve her mobility, as challenging as they were. She laughed as often as ever. I remember I brought her a pair of gold slip-on slippers that made her feel like a "queen."

I am very lucky that I got to have a relationship with my grandma as an adult, and I feel fortunate for that opportunity. Her energy was loving and she listened, really listened; something I feel is often times lost in this digital age. I've never known a time where a phone didn't exist, so my "community" has always seemed bigger, but of that community I know only a handful would show up if I had a stroke to style my hair, and those are the people to hold onto close.

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