You'll Want to Steal this New Duggar Family Valentine's Day Tradition

Perfect for families of all sizes.

By: Amanda Mushro

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Photo by: Instagram @janamduggar

Instagram @janamduggar

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about flowers, chocolates and heart-shaped candy. This sweet holiday is the perfect time to spread a little extra love to everyone in your family and you can do this without spending a penny. So this year, skip the store bought Valentine’s Day card and steal this thoughtful tradition the Duggar family, from TLC’s Counting On, shared with the ones they love.

On her Instagram, Jana Duggar talked about their new family tradition and explained how it all started. According to Jana, each member of the family drew another’s name and “wrote a meaningful note to that person about their character, what they truly mean to us and tried to express from our heart how much we genuinely love and care about them.”

“I think each of my family members would say this, by far, was one of the most meaningful times we’ve had together,” Jana added.

Once everyone finished writing their note, each took a turn sharing their kind words with the entire family.

“There were many tears shed and much joyful laughter,” Jana recalled.

So what prompted this new tradition? Jana says their family movement was inspired by an understanding of the importance to take time and vocally remind those you care about of how much they mean to you.

“We must remember to say the words ‘I love you’ often and thoughtfully,” Jana wrote. “I think genuine, loving words [and] saying what that person means to you can speak louder than actions. Most of us tend to be caught up in our daily tasks and jobs, and I think [we sometimes] forget to express this to others.”

Jana now challenges her followers and all families to take time and write a thoughtful note to someone they love. We are often bombarded with so many negative words from other people on TV and online, and a note of love could make a huge difference in the lives of those most important to us.

“The power of an encouraging word is far greater than any material gift — chocolate that will melt, flowers that will wilt or other material gifts that will fade away,” Jana said. “Words will live on forever and can impact a person toward life or death. So, when we speak, let’s be careful in what we say.”

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