You Have to Read This 6-Year-Old’s Letter to Santa Asking About Food Allergies

“When peanut butter cookies are your jam, but, you don’t know if Santa’s allergic”

By: Amanda Mushro

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On Christmas Eve, children all over the world will leave milk and cookies for Santa to snack on while he carefully places presents under the tree. But this tradition got one little boy thinking about the types of food that Santa can and cannot eat – so he decided to write him a letter about it.

Six-year-old Brock Ludwigson, who lives with his family in Washington D.C., loves peanut butter cookies but wanted to be sure Santa didn’t have a peanut allergy. After all, can you imagine the types of presents you would get if you made Santa sick?

In his letter, Brock writes:

“Dear Santa, Thank you for the toys u made in the past 5 yrs. PLZ take these milk + cookies. If u have allergys write me back. Love, Brock.”

His mom posted the letter on Facebook with the caption “When peanut butter cookies are your jam, but, you don’t know if Santa’s allergic,” and the hashtag #beingakidin2018.

His mom’s hashtag is right. According to the Food Allergy Research and Education, peanut or tree nut allergies have more than tripled in U.S. children between 1997 and 2008. Brock’s mom said even at six, her son gets how serious food allergies can be. When he recently celebrated his birthday, he and his mom searched for dairy-free, nut-free and gluten-free treats to share with his classmates. “So he’s really aware of it,” she added. “He will ask his friends about their allergies before they come over.”

Brock’s mom said he writes a letter to Santa every year but this is the first time he has mentioned a food allergy. We think his thoughtful letter will guarantee he ends up on the nice list.

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