This Stubborn Toddler Refuses to Admit He’s Eating an Onion-Not an Apple, and We Love Him For It

We sort of love his persistence.

February 05, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

It's hard to admit when you are wrong. But when you're a toddler, admitting you are wrong is just not an option. So when a young boy tells his mom he wants to eat an apple but his mother informs him it's not an apple but an onion--the toddler makes it his mission to prove his mom wrong. And just like that, the newest viral video was born.

Bite after cringe-worthy bite was captured on video and rather than give in, this tenacious little guy just keeps on eating the onion--through tears, a little sweat, and some gagging. The video is captioned with the type of argument every mother has had with her defiant toddler:

"Mom, can I eat this apple?

- no, it's an onion.

- it's an Apple!

- it's an onion.

- it's an Apple!!!.

- okay if you insist, eat it.

(rather dead than admitting the mistake)"

The video, which was posted on Facebook, has already been viewed over 52 million times. I'm guessing most of those views are from mothers who keep thinking "Yup, been there. Maybe it wasn't an onion, but I've had the same conversation with my kid." While I love this little guy's determination, I can't help but think of the stomach ache he's going to have just to prove a point to his mom. Live and learn, I guess!

After chowing down on the onion and wiping away those tears, hopefully, this little guy gets an actual apple.

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