7 Habits of Couples Who Have Amazing Sex Lives

How to make your sex life more "Drunk in Love" than "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction."

By: Mara Betsch

Photo by: iStock


We all know that couple, the one that can't seem to get enough of each, oblivious to their screaming kids, their work schedules or their Netflix accounts. If you're happy with your sex life, whether that means you have sex twice a day or twice a month, that's awesome. But if you wish you could find the time or, let's be honest, the energy to get busy on a more regular basis, we recommend these tips. Try developing these habits of couples who have steamy sex lives -- you (and your partner) won't regret it!

1. They catch some zzz's: Turns out the age-old "I'm tired" excuse is true. For women, more sleep = more sex, according to a recent University of Michigan study. And better sex at that! Following good sleep hygiene -- turning off screens an hour before bedtime and avoiding drinking alcohol late at night -- women who logged more sleep (the study's average was seven hours and 22 minutes) reported higher physical arousal. Each additional hour of sleep upped the possibility of sex the next day by 14 percent. Added bonus: Having sex released hormones that promote sleep -- helping you doze off afterward.

2. They exercise, sometimes even together: Testosterone is king when it comes to your sex life -- it fuels both men's and women's sex drives. Regular exercise (10+ hours per week) has been shown to increase testosterone in women, and men see a boost in testosterone right after a workout. And according to a survey sponsored by Brooks Running, 66 percent of runners said they have more sex when they run with their mates. Plus exercise can build body confidence, which is key to having a great sex life.

3. They consider sex the remedy, not the rub: There are plenty of excuses for putting off "alone time" with your partner -- fatigue, stress, and the list goes on. But couples who look at sex as the cure-all to their problems seem to look forward to it as opposed to yet another item on their endless to-do list.

4. They share housework: Doing the dishes and taking out the trash aren't exactly traditional forms of seduction, but a recent study found that couples who split to-dos had the most sex -- about 7.74 times per month. Not only that, but they also reported the highest level of satisfaction with their sexual relationship.

5. They send sultry texts (with emojis): Relationship experts say that sending off a few flirtatious text messages can build intimacy and actually act as virtual foreplay. Don't be afraid to add an eggplant emoji in there, too! In last year's annual dating survey, Match.com found that people who use emojis have more sex -- 54% of people who used emojis had sex in 2014 while 31% of people who did not use emojis got busy. Granted, this study involved singles, but a few well-placed emojis can't hurt.

6. ...and then they put their freakin' phones down: According to a study from Durham University, 40 percent of people said they'd put off sex to make a phone call, answer a text, or check out the latest Buzzfeed story. Though it's tempting to keep your phone by your side at all times, consider leaving it outside the bedroom to help you focus on your relationship.

7. They don't have sex ONLY at night. For some people, knowing the kids are in bed and having a few moments to yourself makes nighttime the perfect time to have sex. For others, they're lucky if they get a little cuddling in before they pass out. Couples who mix up their routine -- having sex in the morning, after work, and whenever they can fit it in seem to have more sex in general. Plus you'll carry the feel good hormones around all day and boost your brainpower!

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