6 Ways to Have a Date Night Without Actually Leaving Your House

Use these low-cost, low-effort ways to really connect.

March 22, 2016
By: Amanda Mushro

Photo by: iStock


When did planning a date night become so hard? Coordinating schedules, trying to find a babysitter that won't break the bank, and attempting to stay awake through the late move, it's exhausting. No wonder date night has turned into binge-watching a show on the couch rather than being wined and dined by our significant other. It's time to kick up the romance without leaving the house. Here are six at-home date nights to try any night of the week.

1. Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate
For this date, you'll skip dinner and go right to dessert! Create delicious cheese and wine parings (try these) and finish off the night with decadent chocolate. This date night is easy to put together and easy to enjoy together.

2. Theme Night
Put those kids to bed early and choose a theme for your next at-home date. Why not try Greek, Asian, or your favorite decade, and make everything fit the theme: food, movie, drinks, and dessert. Try an Italian date night by watching my favorite movie, Life is Beautiful, dine on a delish pasta dinner, and splurge on Italian wine and gelato for dessert.

3. Breakfast in Bed
Save the frozen waffle for the kids and finally use all of those fancy kitchen utensils you got for your wedding shower a million years ago to make a fantastic breakfast in bed for you and your partner. This will be one time neither of you will mind getting up extra early.

4. Partner Picks
You love rom-coms, but horror flicks are his favorite. For one night, let your partner pick everything: the movie, the take-out dinner, the snacks, and the dessert. The other person gets to just sit back and enjoy every part of this date.

5. Anniversary Night
Relish that sweet day together by pulling out those wedding glasses, popping the champagne, and watching your wedding video. This date night at home is a sweet walk down memory lane.

6. Plan Your Next Vacation
Planning a vacation shouldn't be stressful. So rather than spend hours searching hotels and airfares on the computer alone, plan your vacation together with this fun date night. Heading somewhere tropical? Then you need tropical drinks while you choose the resort. Dance to island music while you clear your calendar and plan activities for that romantic vacation.

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