This Is How Many Layers Your Baby Actually Needs in the Winter

Baby it's cold outside!

By: Amanda Mushro
Concept portrait of a cute 3 month baby girl in many winter jackets.


Concept portrait of a cute 3 month baby girl in many winter jackets.

Photo by: ThomasVogel


When temperatures drop and it’s time to bundle up your baby, you may be wondering how many layers of clothes do they really need? If you’re headed outside to play or taking them for a stroll, you’ll want to keep your baby warm but you don’t want them to be uncomfortable. Here are a few tips for picking out the perfect cold-weather outfit for your little one.

If Your Baby Is Staying Inside: If you and your baby are hanging out indoors, pediatricians recommend the "one more layer" approach. If you are wearing two layers of clothes– say a t-shirt with a light sweater over it, and you are comfortable, your baby will need one more layer.

How to Dress Your Baby at Night: Depending on the temperature in your home, choose pajamas that will keep your baby warm, but not overheat them. For super cold nights, fuzzy fleece pajamas are great. However, for nights that aren’t too cold, cotton, long-sleeved pajamas will do the trick. At night, use a sleep sack instead of a loose-fitting blanket to ensure your baby is cozy, warm, and safe all night long.

Here’s What Your Baby Should Wear When It's Time To Head Outside: Again start with the "one more layer" and dress your baby in long sleeves, a light sweater, and a coat. Don’t forget a hat, mittens, warm socks and boots. If you don’t have boots, a warm blanket on their feet will help.

If Your Baby Is Going to Play in the Snow: While getting your baby dressed for the snow can be a hassle, they'll love the texture of snow and you can get some cute pictures of your little one all bundled up. Here’s what they’ll need to wear: start with a layer of warm clothes or pajamas and warm socks. Then add a waterproof snowsuit with attached feet or a snow jacket and waterproof pants and boots. Don’t forget a hat and mittens. Skip the scarves for babies, and be sure to have blankets and dry clothes waiting inside for your baby when the fun in the snow ends.

How to Check if Your Baby is Too Cold or Too Hot: An easy way to check if your baby is overheated is to feel the back of their neck or their tummy. If they seem warm, take off a layer and let them cool down. However, if they are cold, add a layer. If your baby is flushed or sweating, take off a layer and let them cool down.

Bonus Tips:

Store the Infant Carriers Inside: Instead of keeping your baby’s infant carrier in the car, bring it inside to make sure the carrier isn’t sitting in the cold. Not only will this help your baby stay warm when it’s time to go outside, but you’ll be able to put the proper layers on your baby before you put them in the carrier.

Start Early: The colder months make it harder for everyone to get moving. So give yourself extra time to get your baby ready and layered. They may not want to wear the extra layers and if you haven’t left extra time to get out the door, there’s a good chance you’ll be late.

Bring Blankets to the Car: Since heavy coats on kids and car seats don’t mix, take blankets with you to keep your kids warm. Cover them with blankets after they're strapped in instead of wearing their coat in the car. Now they will be safer and warmer.


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