The Impact One Stranger Made by Buying a Pumpkin Spice Candle for a Busy Mom

One mom told a heartwarming story on Facebook about how a stranger made her day with one simple act of kindness.

October 24, 2017
By: Kristine Boyd

Doing something nice for a stranger can go a long way. You never know what kind of impact you are making when you take time out of your day for someone else. One mom told a heartwarming story on Facebook about how a stranger made her day with one simple act of kindness.

Busy mom, Erin Bennett, was rushing around trying to get errands done with her kids. She had a full cart of everything that she needed for her family. Once she reached the register, she soon realized that she was going to go over her budget. She glances down at her cart and removes the few items that were in there for her, as she has done so many times before. Her heart breaks as she takes out a couple makeup items and a pumpkin spice candle. That's when the stranger behind her picks up the items and insists on buying them for her.

Erin wrote on her Facebook post to this man saying, "You saw me as a human, not just the mom in front of you that was distracted and going way too slow. You heard me say that I'd like to put those items back and you said you were getting them. You didn't take no for an answer. You told me I deserved it when I started to tear up."

To a bystander, these items may not seem like much, but they meant a lot to her. She has four young children and has been suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety. As a psychiatric nurse, she knows how important it is for mothers to treat themselves to simple things. The pumpkin spice scent helps relax her and boost her mood. She had been going through a hard time and was looking forward to lighting her candle and taking some time for herself. This man made her day and proved that random acts of kindness and pumpkin spice candles go a long way.

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