Parenting Win of the Week: You're Always Enough

A sweet little reminder for our kids and ourselves.

July 21, 2022

There’s always a long list of things to worry about when you are a parent, and making sure your kid feels worthy always tops the list. That’s why when I was introduced to a new children’s book that came out in June, I was intrigued. There aren’t many that focus specifically on that self-esteem piece that we all so desperately need.

Author Emily Ley is no stranger to writing, but most of the books she has written to date are focused on adults and helping them get organized to lead a more simplified life. She also has a whole line of planners and accessories too.

But her latest book, "You’re Always Enough and More Than I Hope For," is meant for the smaller set…it’s a children’s book. The mom of three wanted to write a book that showed kids that they were enough just as they were.

"I remember having a particular conversation with my daughter when she was five," says Ley. "I was tucking her in and she had a hard day at school and asked me if I still loved her."

The resounding answer was of course, but it spawned a quick thought (that happened to rhyme) that she said to her daughter.

"I love you when you’re happy, I love you when you’re sad, I love you when you’re angry and even when you’re mad."

That thought stuck in her head over the years and she knew that if she one day wrote a children’s book, this is what it would be about.

"Kids hold themselves to this standard of perfection," she says.

Not unlike adults. Scenarios like not feeling like you fit in, dealing with tricky problems, or when someone hurts your feelings are all addressed in the book. Her oldest son even helped write a passage in the book.

Ley worked with illustrator Romina Gallota who created a diverse group of kids tackling these situations. Ley wanted each page to represent building a fort of some sort on each page.

"It’s the ultimate form of play. Take what you have and you build a place that is your place, unplugged, super creative, do it with your friends," she says. Plus it reminded her of what her kids loved to do when they were virtual during COVID-19. They built an epic fort where they could hang.

Ley hopes this is the first of many children’s books to come.

You can get her book and find out more information here.


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