Parenting Win of the Week: Hottest Toys of the Holiday Season

Here's how you can snag this year's best gifts before they sell out.

December 12, 2022

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Cute African-American girl wearing Santa's hats is opening Christmas presents.


Cute African-American girl wearing Santa's hats is opening Christmas presents.

Photo by: skynesher


December hit like a ton of bricks and here we are in the swing of the holiday season. You may have done your holiday shopping during Black Friday, but I wasn’t on the hunt for any Hanukkah presents at that point. Because there are eight nights, it’s nice to pick up different items when I am thinking about it.

But now, I am starting to get more strategic in what to look for and buy, so I chatted with Jim Silver who is the head of TTPM, a site that reviews toys, baby products and pet stuff. He is an expert in all things hot toys, and he had a lot to share about holiday shopping this season. Read on for his best tips and insight.

Just Because a Toy Is HOT Doesn’t Mean It’s Right for Your Kid

He explained, "The hot toy is only hot when it’s right for your child," he says. "If the hot toy is Legos and your kid isn’t into building with Legos, don’t buy it just because it’s hot."

Have Your Kids Make a List

Silver is a big proponent of having your kids make a list and making sure that you DON’T get everything on the list. He suggests having them make a list of ten things (if you plan to get five gifts) so they start to understand that they don’t always get everything they ask for. "The minute you get them everything on their list, that’s what they’ll start to expect." If they learn to expect not getting it all, they’ll never be disappointed.

Tech Is Less Popular

Unlike previous holidays of the pandemic, toys that involve screens and tech are going to be less popular this year. Drones have had their moment in the past and people are really looking to get their kids (and themselves!) off screens.

The Hottest Toys Won’t Go on Super Sale, They’ll Sell Out First

If you are waiting for the perfect price on the hottest might not come. Silver says that those toys that are super hot usually run out of inventory before they go on sale. This year, he expects that to be the case for Disney Trivia, the Play Doh Creations Ice Cream Cart, and things like the 60th Anniversary Barbie Dream House will sell out. Other hot toys include the Barbie Camper, Connect Four Spin, Jurassic Park toys, and the Cocomelon Adventure Learning Bus.

Look for Reviews That Tell You Pros and Cons

The site that Silver runs is great because he produces videos that tell you the pros and cons of each toy. These are great for an unbiased approach to the good and bad that will help you understand if the toy is a right fit for you!

Other Popular Toy Trends for Your Gift Shopping Needs

Here are ten picks across different age groups and types of toys to consider:


Squishmallows are here to stay. All shapes and sizes for all ages and genders!


Kinetic Sand is still having a moment. There are board games with the sand and the Sand and Swirl has become very popular too.


Anything with an element of surprise. Yes, those LOL dolls started a revolution and now kids love anything like that with a surprise as to what you might get. Things like Color Reveal Barbies and LOL Mini Sweets.


Some popular active things are pickle ball for kids gear and sets you can set up in your driveway, and Kan Jam mini, a version you can take inside.


Legos, Legos, Legos for adults and kids will remain popular. Lego Transformers are newer, and those collectible sets will remain popular.


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