Parenting Win of the Week: Kill 'Em with Kindness

Here's how you and your family can practice kindness, even in difficult times.

Father embracing young daughter before school


Father embracing young daughter before school

Photo by: MoMo Productions

MoMo Productions

This has been a trying week on every level. No need to get into specifics — I know you have all had those weeks. The hardest part about this pandemic is that so many people have given up the basics of human decency while fighting for what they believe in, and one of those basics is kindness.

As I took stock of all of the stress that happened this week, much of it boiled down to people being unkind to me, to my children, and to my community. That’s not to say there isn’t a glimmer of hope out there! I received a very nice surprise thank you note and it temporarily gave me hope in humanity.

So, instead of focusing on the lovey dovey parts of Valentine’s Day this year (and plus, I have two boys who want nothing to do with that anyway), I am focusing on how to add a little more kindness into the day, month, and our daily lives. I like to think I am intentional about this regardless, but in the face of adversity, I want my kids to be able to have an inherently kind response. Here are some of our ideas:

Show Some Love to Your Teachers and Administrators

You know who loves kids and education and didn’t sign up to be dealing with the thousands of other issues touching schools — your teachers! We are planning to get coffee gift cards and candy to let them know we see and appreciate their extra efforts during this time.


Although we are not doing this over Valentine’s Day, we have signed up to volunteer in early March and will keep doing this as much as we can. If you are looking for something to do as an adult, there is a huge blood shortage.

Show Kindness to Your Kids

It is EASY to feel stressed right now and take it out on your kids, but kind behavior towards them can go a long way. A friend of mine leaves a mailbox for her kids leading up to Valentine’s day with a little treat and a message including something she loves about them. It has become a family tradition they look forward to.

Model Kind Behavior

Show your kids that even when people are not being kind, you can still find ways to be kind. Even when it feels hard.

What are some of the things you are doing to keep kindness a priority?


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