Laugh-Worthy Tweets from Parents Trying to Survive Their Kid’s Sports Season

Sports moms and dads, this one is for you.

By: Amanda Mushro

TLCme_Sports Tweets

Photo by: Siri Stafford

Siri Stafford

When our kids play sports, we become their cheerleader, traveling chef, chauffeur, personal assistant and equipment manager. Why do we take on all these roles? Because parenting makes you do crazy things, and our kids love to be part of a team. (O.K., that last part may be a stretch for some of our players.)

If you’re in the middle of managing all the in-season chaos, you’ll totally be able to relate to these funny parents who have a real love/hate with children’s sports.

Truly terrifying!

No one will notice all the stains, right?

You’re young. You’ll be fine.

Drive-thru: It’s what’s for dinner—again.

Around here, we call them grandparents.

Peer pressure!

The new wedding vows.

Please stop. Please.

Always be prepared.

I feel like Mom should get something out of you playing a sport, too.

We have to eat sometime tonight, right?

This is not how it’s supposed to work!

Tell me what you need. I’m sure I have it in my car.

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