How a Therapy Lamp Helped This Mom Recover from Childbirth

Learn more about this method, it might just work for you!

November 02, 2018
By: Kristine Boyd

Rebecca Brown recently opened up to Popsugar about how light therapy was able to get her through postpartum depression. When her therapist first recommended using a lamp to cure her anxiety, Rebecca was extremely skeptical. How could a light fixture do anything to help with what she was going through? The results she got she was not expecting in the slightest.

During Rebecca’s pregnancy, she dealt with crippling levels of anxiety and panic. It was possibly the hormones or the thoughts of being a new mom that was causing this tumultuous head space. These emotions only got worse as the pregnancy went on, and they skyrocketed after birth.

“There was a mixed bag of things at play. A series of new and very serious responsibilities, from trying — and failing — to breastfeed, to having to make constant decisions about the health and wellness of my baby, all cascading into one another” Rebecca wrote.

Her therapist thought that light exposure was affecting her mood because every day at around 4:30 pm the anxiety would be at its peak. The house would be quiet, but her inner dialogue would be screaming within. This is why Rebecca’s therapist recommended having a special lamp in her home that would improve mood, energy, and her circadian rhythm.

Rebecca ordered this miracle-inducing lamp immediately. She would sit on her bed for 20-minutes in the presence of the light letting the rays hit the sides of her eyes. It’s best to sit there without any distractions and let the light work its magic. After the first use, Rebecca felt so energized and awake that she went and took a walk. This ability to go get fresh air is what helped changed her mental state even more. This light was giving her energy to do something for herself and release that anxiety in a healthy way.

“It gave me a regular thing to look forward to every day, and it reset how I felt about the evening. It didn't completely cure my postpartum anxiety, but it was a critical piece,” Rebecca said.

It may seem crazy for a lamp to help with any postpartum symptoms, but it’s worth a try for your physical and emotional well-being. If sitting next to a special light gives you the energy to get fresh air, take the baby to the park, or read a book, then its doing its job right.

What do you think of think of this therapy lamp? Would you ever try this? Let us know in the comments section!

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