Creative Socially Distant Birthday Ideas for Kids

Birthdays parties will look different this year, but there are still fun ways to celebrate.

By: Amanda Mushro
African American girl pouting at birthday cake


African American girl pouting at birthday cake

Photo by: JGI/Jamie Grill

JGI/Jamie Grill

Birthdays are a pretty big deal when you’re a kid. However, with social distancing, many families have had to postpone birthday parties and completely change their celebratory plans. It’s a bummer for our kiddos, but here are some safe ideas that will thrill birthday boys and girls of different ages.

Have a Virtual Party at Sky Zone


Photo by: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

If your kids were hoping for a party at an indoor trampoline park, this might be the next best thing. Since all of the Sky Zone locations are closed, the company has come up with a pretty cool alternative—free virtual parties. Your child can invite 10 guests and a party host will lead all of the children who log on for the party in a few games, songs and activities. At the end of the party, parents have the option to tip the party host for coordinating and entertaining the kids.

Coordinate a Birthday Parade

Cute little girl waving out the door in a sunny hallway.


Cute little girl waving out the door in a sunny hallway.

Photo by: Catherine Falls Commercial

Catherine Falls Commercial

If friends and family are looking for ways to brighten the birthday girl or boy’s day, ask them to be part of a birthday parade from their cars. They can make signs, decorate their cars and sing happy birthday as they honk, wave and drive by your home.

Get a Video Call from a “Celebrity”

Photo by: Images By Tang Ming Tung

Images By Tang Ming Tung

If you have a Disney Princess or superhero fan that would simply love a special message on their birthday, check out Enchanting Events. The company coordinates video calls from your child’s favorite princess, superhero or villain.

Start New Traditions

Little girl eating birthday cake


Little girl eating birthday cake

Photo by: boonchai wedmakawand

boonchai wedmakawand

Now is the perfect time to start new birthday traditions that are fun, exciting and add a new twist on birthdays in your home. How about birthday cupcakes for breakfast or letting the birthday boy or girl set the schedule for the day. Whatever you choose to do will make the day extra special.

Go Big with the Decorations

"Cake, candy and gifts at birthday party"


"Cake, candy and gifts at birthday party"

Photo by: Lumina Images

Lumina Images

Fill up the floor with tons of balloons; hang party streamers from the ceiling; decorate their bedroom door so when they wake up they have a sweet surprise; print their baby pictures and hang them all over the house; or chalk the sidewalk outside of your home with birthday messages. Of course, this one will take lots of preplanning before the big day to ensure you can order all the supplies you need, but it will be worth the big smiles from your child on their day.

Host a Gaming Party


Photo by: Tara Moore

Tara Moore

For kids who are fans of Roblox, their virtual party is perfect to host while playing their favorite game. The creators of Roblox launched Play Together so your kids can choose games to enter and their friends can join in. There are private virtual spaces available, so kids can play with their friends and no one else can log into their game. For this, you’ll need to purchase a VIP Server, set up the room and send out the link to all of the guests–easy!

Host Your Own Virtual Party

A candid photo of a Korean mother and her young daughters video calling with her smartphone.


A candid photo of a Korean mother and her young daughters video calling with her smartphone.

Photo by: Bobby Coutu

Bobby Coutu

Have all of your child’s friends hop on Zoom, FaceTime or another video call app for a virtual party. Ask kids to decorate a sign for your child to hold up during the party. When they get online, the kids can sing, talk and even play games in celebration of your kiddo’s birthday.

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