5 Milestones Young Adults Are Celebrating that Aren't Weddings or Babies



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No one can argue that getting married or deciding to have a child are big life steps that are worth celebrating. And while getting married and becoming a parent were once the most important and traditional adult milestones to reach, new data suggests that the norm may be changing. According to census.gov, most young Americans nowadays believe that other personal achievements are just as important as having a spouse or child. Here are a few of the new adult milestones young adults are choosing to celebrate.

First Salaried Job

There are wedding announcements, baby announcements and now, job announcements. Many young adults are taking to social media to announce their brand-new, full-time gig for all their friends, family and followers to see. A popular announcement photo is one taken on the job site or in work attire. You can even go all out and take an engagement-style photoshoot to celebrate getting your first salaried job.

Moving Out/First House

Moving out and being on your own is a huge life step, and being brave enough to take it should be commended! Many young adults are putting off marriage and children until later in life in order to afford homes or apartments in or near city centers, where most jobs are located.

Graduation from Higher Education

According to a 2017 study done by the US Census, young adults believe the most important milestone is graduating from a higher education program. More and more young adults, especially women and people of color, are choosing to get degrees and certificates from higher education institutions and trade schools. Graduating from school is no easy feat and is an achievement worth celebrating!

Becoming Financially Independent

Student loans, bills and credit card debt can be a big burden, not just for young adults, but for everyone. That’s why it’s such a huge accomplishment to be debt-free. Many are celebrating the end of their financial burdens and enjoying that #DebtFreeLife so they can later take on bigger financial obligations such as buying a house or having a child. To celebrate, young adults are doing photoshoots, throwing parties to celebrate with friends and family, going on trips and even creating celebratory YouTube videos to mark this important milestone.

Seeing the World

Regardless of whether they are traveling with a group or solo, increasing numbers of young adults are deciding to see the world. More and more travel agencies are catering to the 18-30 age demographic and helping young adults plan and take the trip of their dreams. Many people are also opting to take on remote freelance work instead of a typical nine-to-five office job so that they have the freedom and flexibility to travel and work at the same time. Most young people find it’s important to go out and see the sights, and that itself is cause for a round of celebration.

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