5 Seriously Awesome Facts About Sisters

Read why the connection between sisters is actually pretty unique.

June 04, 2015
By: Mara Betsch

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Even though you may have driven each other crazy when you were younger, chances are you've developed a stronger, probably less volatile relationship with your sister (or sisters) as you've gotten older (just look at all the sisters on our shows!). I thought my sisters were put on earth to torture me through my entire high school years, but now, many years later, not a day goes by that I don't talk to one -- or both -- of them. There's something wonderful about having someone who truly understand you -- and the crazy environment in which you were raised -- even when she's being a real pain in the butt. And that closeness you feel to your sister is real -- studies show that the connection between sisters is pretty special. Read five things science has discovered about the sisterly bond.

Sisters make you happier

A recent study by psychologists Liz Wright and Tony Cassidy found that having a sister makes you happier and more optimistic, but the same is not true for having a brother. So she may have ruined your favorite shirt, but at least she's on the other end of the line whenever you need her!

...and maybe less crazy?

Another study, this one from Brigham Young, found that sisters protected their siblings who were feeling lonely, unloved, guilty, self-conscious and fearful. And having a caring siblings of either taught siblings to be more charitable.

Sisters give the best advice -- especially about relationships

A study at the University of Missouri-Columbia found that older sisters almost always played the role of confidant. Their support was instrumental in mentoring younger siblings, and the conversations between sisters established a sense of intimacy and trust. Unsurprisingly, the study found that sisters often influenced their young siblings, especially when it came to dating and relationships. By telling their younger sisters about negative dating and sexual experiences, they encouraged them to maker smarter, safer choices.

Sisters know you better than anyone else -- and call you on your BS

Think about this: A Penn State study found that by the time children reach age 11, they're spending about 33% of their free time with siblings. That means she knows your deepest, darkest secrets and will not hesitate to call you out if you're being dishonest or masking how you truly feel.

She'll be there through the good--and bad--times

Studies have shown that having children will bring sisters closer together, even though you might fight over which child is smarter later in life, and the same goes for divorce, sick parents and other tough life events. Even if they lived far away, sisters called each other more than other siblings -- and were more than happy to give their opinion on, well, everything.

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