40 Things That Are Great About Turning 40

Turning 40 can be a loaded thing, but here are some great things about turning 40.

June 24, 2015
By: Courtney Reimer

One of the most enduring things about women and aging is that turning 40 seems like a Big Deal. And it is -- but not because you're "getting old." It's a big deal because you've successfully made it this far, and have a lot of life experience worth celebrating. In case you're having a hard time remembering everything good about being 40 (that'll happen after four decades, see #21), here is a list of 40 things that are great about being 40.

1. 40 is the new 30.

2. Actually, 40 is the new 20.

3. But then again, aren't you glad you aren't 20 anymore?

4. You'll probably hear "wow, you look great for your age" more and more.

5. Chances are, your days of having to deal with menstrual cramps are numbered

6. Your tastes are set in stone, and that's a good thing -- no more wondering if it's "cool" to like such and such movie, song or TV show.

7. Bedtime is something you really, really look forward to -- almost as much as you used to look forward to going out.

8. You've earned your crow's feet and laugh lines.

9. Your kids are getting old enough to do real chores.

10. People take you more seriously -- with age comes experience, and with experience comes respect.

11. Some things really do get better with age -- like wine and your style choices.

12. You are an age peer of this lady (this man is in whole other, later decade!):

13. You don't let the haters get to you.

14. But if they do, you don't let it get you down too long.

15. If you haven't done that big thing you've been avoiding by now, you probably won't -- and that's ok.

16. You can say "when I was your age" with authority and people will listen.

17. If you aren't up on the "cool thing," people will understand. You rejoice in your non-coolness!

18. A spa day is no longer a luxury -- it's a necessity.

19. Spending $100 dollars on a skin product finally seems reasonable.

20. The repertoire of movies, TV shows, songs and maybe even books you can quote is pretty lengthy, which impresses your younger friends to no end.

21. But if you can't remember your favorite line from your favorite movie, blaming memory loss due to age is acceptable.

22. Forgiving others is easier because in all likelihood you've made the mistakes they have at this point. Forgiveness is much easier when you realize we all make bad choices sometimes.

23. Your priorities are probably a little more in order than they were in your thirties (no, you don't need to spend half a week's paycheck on that lime green pair of stilettos).

24. In fact, money management is something you've learned a thing or two about -- or as Erica Diamond of Women on The Fence puts it, don't "spend next week's paycheck".

25. You're saving money you used to spend on drinks because you know the way you'll feel in the morning isn't worth it.

26. Same goes for the fancy coffee drinks -- isn't a new handbag worth forgoing a month's worth of frozen foofy sweet beverages?

27. When people say something unkind, you have thicker skin.

28. You also realize unkind people are probably worse off than you.

29. You can probably get ready and out the door more quickly since you've had a LOT of practice at this point. And if you still can't, we're here to help.

30. People will really bring their A-game for your big birthday. (Also, might we recommend spending your big birthday at the Cancun resort where Kate Gosselin spent her 40th? Sure looks like fun, doesn't it?)

31. But you also can feel totally fine just staying in and relaxing on your birthday.

32. "Fear of missing out" has been replaced by "Fear of missing an awesome night watching TV."

33. You know the sheer joy of taking off your work (and/or party) clothes at the end of a long day. (Or watching someone else do it.)

34. You're comfortable saying "because I said so," because you've learned your instincts are usually right.

35. You're comfortable waiting out a tantrum when you've said "because I said so" because you know this, too, shall pass.

36. You're also okay with occasionally handing your kid a tablet to keep them from throwing a tantrum. Everything in moderation.

37. "Everything in moderation" is your motto and it's been good to you.

38. Though sometimes mottos are meant to be broken, and you know that's okay, too.

39. A man who can fix your sink is the sexiest thing you can imagine.

40. But learning how to fix your own sink (and pretty much everything else in the house) is pretty sexy, too.

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