Breast Cancer Survivor Hangs ‘No Breastfeeding Zone’ Sign To Stop Formula Shaming

October 23, 2018
By: Amanda Mushro

Moms—especially new moms—are often subject to harsh criticism and mommy shaming. So when Meghan Koziel was ready to give birth to her daughter, she made sure everyone around her knew she had made the best decision for her miracle baby. And to do this—she didn’t even have to say a word.

When Koziel was 26, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After treatment, which included a double mastectomy, she officially earned the title of breast cancer survivor. Soon after, she learned she would be receiving yet another title—mommy.

When it came time to deliver her daughter, she did not want to repeat over and over why she was not breastfeeding. So to send a message to hospital staff and visitors, she hung a sign above her hospital bed that read, "No Breastfeeding Zone. Though breastfeeding is a very special task, please be aware before you ask. Our miracle baby will be formula fed, and it will not affect her future ahead. This mommy is a survivor."

The new mom took to Instagram to share her story and the reason behind the sign. “Attention please, attention please. We do indeed have a mommy-to-be who had breast cancer and a mastectomy which means, without boobs in the houseeeee!,” she captioned a photo herself in a hospital bed with the sing proudly displayed behind her. “Got the banner raised just in case people are confused at why we are NOT going to be breastfeeding our little bundle of joy.”

Since posting the photo, it has been widely shared by breast cancer survivors and moms alike. The new mom says she is not anti-breastfeeding but wanted the sign to be a reminder to everyone around her to stop he mom shaming because she is survivor and is doing what is best for her baby—which is feeding her.

Koziel’s story has served as a reminder to women of all ages the importance of breast health and to the miracles in life.

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