7 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Going Back to School

If they're feeling nervous about school, here’s how you can help.

By: Amanda Mushro


Young girls running outside wearing backpacks

Photo by: MoMo Productions

MoMo Productions

Back-to-school season has arrived. While this can be a super exciting time for some kids, for others, back to school can be stressful and leave them feeling uneasy. Often we assume kids should be excited to return to school, but that’s not always the case. If all of the talk of back to school has your child feeling nervous about the first day, here are seven ways to start getting them excited about this school year.

  1. Let Them Personalize Their Gear: There’s no reason to make back to school supplies boring! Let kids DIY and personalize their new gear. From stickers on their notebooks to adding their name to their binders, let kids get creative and crafty to get excited over a new school year. Dig up some craft supplies from around the house and they'll get to work.
  2. Plan Special Events for the First Day: Start new traditions like letting the kids pick dinner the night before school starts or plan the meal for the first day of school. Make a craft or gift for their teacher or decorate their door so they are surprised when they wake up. Whatever you do, it doesn’t need to break the bank. A few balloons go a long way! If you need more ways to make the first day of school exciting, check out this list.
  3. Create a Cool Homework Nook: Make a space that is just for your kids to read, write, and do their homework. It can be in their room, in your kitchen, or another part of your home. Fill it with supplies like pencils, crayons, and plenty of paper. Let them be a part of creating the homework nook so they’ll get excited about going to school and using their new space.
  4. Help Them Get Familiar with Their Class: If you know who your child’s teacher will be this school year, pull out a yearbook and show them their picture. Talk to parents and kids who have had that teacher so your child can ask questions. If you know of a few friends in their class, plan playdates so they know they’ll have a friendly face when they enter the classroom. New school? See if you and your child can walk through the school before the first day to see their classroom, visit the cafeteria, and check out the playground.
  5. Make Shopping Fun: Since kids have the amazing ability to completely outgrow all of those clothes and shoes right before school starts, you will probably want to hit up a few back to school sales. Even though shopping for clothes isn’t always at the top of kids’ fun list, use school shopping as a reason to get excited for school. Let kids try out new styles and new stores. Choose a first day of school outfit on your shopping trip and if they have a locker, grab a few items to decorate their school space. Keep the trip short and sweet, and wrap up the day with a fun activity like grabbing ice cream or another treat.
  6. New Year, New Activities: With the start of the new school year comes the opportunity for kids to try new sports, clubs, and after-school activities. Help your child navigate all of these opportunities and see if there are any trial classes or practices they can sit in on. If they are excited about the start of these activities it can help them get excited about school.
  7. Listen to Them: If your child tells you they are nervous or scared about starting school, just listen. Let them talk and don’t brush it off as just nerves. Make sure they know you are there to support them and help them. If they are still feeling anxious after talking and a bit of encouragement, reach out to the guidance counselor at their school for some tips. They can also be a sounding board for your child.


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