8 Fall Signature Wedding Cocktails

Cheers! Celebrate your special day with these autumnal flavors.

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grid of cocktails on pink background with fruit and magazine


grid of cocktails on pink background with fruit and magazine

Photo by: Maren Caruso

Maren Caruso

One of the most delicious ways of adding a personal touch to your wedding is by offering a signature cocktail. Usually, it’s a drink offered at the bar that’s been handpicked and crafted by you and your partner. You can customize the drink to have a special meaning, incorporate ingredients that remind you of one another, or showcase elements of the first drink you two shared on a first date.

As a new season approaches, consider giving your signature cocktail a seasonal twist with one of these fall-themed recipes. They’re perfect for any upcoming wedding celebration!

1. Tomber Dans Les Pommes

If you and your partner are into the classic Champagne toast, Belinda Kelly, founder of Happy Camper Cocktails and Simple Goodness Sisters, says this drink could be a sweet and bubbly option.

"A special signature cocktail for your toast, instead of doing classic champagne and is filled with one of the best fall flavors, apple," says Kelly.


  • 1/2 ounce SGS apple pie syrup
  • 1 ounce pure apple cider
  • 3 ounces brut champagne
  • Fresh rosemary stick garnish


Pour the cider and syrup into a champagne flute. Slowly pour in chilled brut champagne (not prosecco!). It will want to fizz due to the juice, so pour slowly to top. Add rosemary garnish.

2. Something Old...Fashioned

When you’re looking for a signature cocktail that’s traditional with a twist, Kelly recommends going with a drink called the Something Old...Fashioned.

"This drink is both alcohol forward and delicious for the fall season," says Kelly.


  • 1 barspoon or 1/4 ounce of SGS rhubarb vanilla syrup
  • 3 dashes/drops of orange bitters (Fee Brothers, Bitter Housewife, and Scrappy's are all good brands)
  • 2 ounces good bourbon such as Bulleit, Maker's Mark
  • 1 ounce club soda (I like Topo Chico or Fever Tree)
  • Large 2-inch ice cube (use a silicone mold and distilled/purified water so the ice will freeze clear, and add orange slices, edible flowers, etc. to the ice mold for an added pretty touch!)


Add syrup and bitters to the bottom of a rocks/Old Fashioned glass. Add the ice cube then pour 2 ounces of bourbon over the top. Stir 10 times. Add 1 ounce of club soda and stir once.

3. Hello Fall

If you want your signature cocktail to truly taste like a slice of pie, Kelly recommends picking a drink called Hello Fall.

"This is an extra special cocktail because it truly adds all the best fall flavors," says Kelly.


  • 1.5 ounces very neutral vodka such as Svedka or Grey Goose
  • 3 ounces spicy ginger beer such as Reed's or Gosling's
  • 1 spoonful pear puree
  • 1/2 ounce apple pie syrup
  • Lemon, cut into 6 wedges
  • Cinnamon sticks to garnish


Make the pear puree by peeling and coring 8 pears, slicing them, and cooking them gently over very low heat with a 1/2 cup of water until they are fork-tender. Puree in a blender or using an immersion blender. Alternatively, you can puree very soft, overripe pears. Store them in a sealed container and refrigerate until they're ready to use. Add all of the ingredients to a copper mule mug (completely full of ice) and stir. Rest the lemon wedge on the edge of the glass or spear with a toothpick. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.

4. Whiskey Ginger

Want to add a combination of flavors to your signature cocktail? Timo Torner, the founder of Cocktail Society, recommends a simple, yet classic combination.

"Whiskey Ginger is a perfect drink to serve at a fall wedding. With warm and spicy notes, this drink will be a winner at every wedding," says Torner.


  • 2 ounces whiskey
  • 5 ounces ginger ale
  • Lime wheel
  • 4-5 candied ginger pieces


Use a rocks glass and fill it up with ice, pour in the whiskey and ginger ale. Stir in the glass and garnish with a lime wheel and a cocktail pick with candied ginger pieces.

5. Classic Bee’s Knees

Looking for a cocktail that blends the sweet and sour tastes of fall into one drink? Torner recommends a cocktail that’s a great fit, especially for a cooler fall wedding.

"The Bee’s Knees is a delicious sweet and sour cocktail. Served in a coupe glass, it’s elegant and super classy. The hint of honey in the drink also makes it a great fit for the colder season," says Torner.


  • 2 ounces gin
  • 0.75 ounce fresh lemon juice
  • 0.5 ounce honey syrup
  • 1 lemon twist for garnish


Put all the ingredients into your cocktail shaker with plenty of ice and shake until well-chilled. Strain the cocktail into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a twisted lemon peel garnish.

6. Apple Cider Mimosas

For a couple who wants to really give their cocktail endless personality, Torner recommends something that’s great for the fall season.

"Apple Cider Mimosas are bubbly, refreshing, and at the same time, warm and comforting," says Torner. "The cinnamon and sugar rim mixed with notes of apple are perfect for a fall wedding."

Ingredients: (4 servings)

  • 2 tablespoon Sugar
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup apple cider
  • 1 (750 ml) bottle bubbly


Use a small plate to mix the sugar and cinnamon. Then, dip the rims of your champagne/sparkling wine glasses in water and rim them with the sugar and cinnamon mix. Fill each glass one quarter with apple cider and fill it up with Champagne. Optional: You can garnish the drink with a fine slice of apple.

7. Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule

If you and your partner adore traditional Moscow Mules, then Harland Adkins, a food and drink blogger, recommends making that your signature cocktail, with quite the twist.

"There’s nothing like a refreshing Moscow Mule. And now this classic drink gets an autumnal upgrade with apple and cranberry flavors," says Adkins.


  • 4 ounces vodka
  • 1/4 cup cranberry juice
  • 1/2 cup sparkling apple juice
  • 2 cans ginger beer
  • fresh cranberries for garnish


Fill two glasses with ice. Add vodka and cranberry juice, then sparkling apple juice. Top off the rest with ginger beer. Stir gently and serve immediately.

8. Hot Bourbon Cider

Adkins says that if you’re looking for a signature cocktail that’s great for a late-fall or early winter wedding, a hot bourbon cider is the perfect choice to keep you and your guests warm.


  • 1 part Maker’s Mark bourbon (or other)
  • 4 parts apple cider
  • 3 cinnamon sticks
  • 5 whole cloves
  • 3 whole allspice berries
  • 6 whole peppercorns
  • Lemon slices and additional cinnamon sticks for garnish


Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan on the stove. Let sit on
medium-low covered for 1 hour and then ladle into mugs. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and lemon slice.


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