Here's How to Create Your Wedding Registry When You Already Have Everything

When you don’t need another set of towels or dishes.

By: Amanda Mushro


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You’ve got the gourmet pots and pans, and even the super soft sheets. So, what in the world are you going to put on your wedding registry? If you and your soon-to-be already have your home set-up but you still want to create a registry for guests to peruse, here’s a few traditional and non-traditional items to consider adding.

Honeymoon Perks



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From spa days, romantic dinners, bottles of wine, and even monetary gifts towards a honeymoon fund, you can add many items to your wedding registry. Your guests can contribute to the honeymoon of your dreams and you won’t have to return a gift you don’t really need or want.

Furniture Upgrade



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If you have all of the basics in your home but have been dreaming of adding a statement piece of furniture to your love nest, consider providing a link to the specific piece. Your guests want to give you a gift you will love, and if it’s a piece of furniture you would love to have, it’s a win/win.

The Gift That Keeps Giving



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Been thinking about joining a wine of the month club, or maybe a meal kit subscription service, but you just haven’t signed up yet? Don’t do it! Instead, let your wedding guests gift the newlyweds with these awesome services. You and your partner can enjoy the monthly gift and can text the gift giver each month to let them know how much you love their thoughtful gesture.

Home Renovations

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Working on a fixer upper of your own? Then you know that all of those renovations are expensive. So, as part of your wedding registry, you can ask guests to contribute to part of the renovations or even toward a down payment on your first home. If you love a good practical gift, this is a great option.

Sharing is Caring

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Sirinapa Wannapat / EyeEm

Share the love on your big day by asking guests to make donations to organizations and causes you and your partner support. What better way to end the wedding – wth you married to the love of your life and together with your guests – than by using the event to help those in need.

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