Top Wedding Trends to Expect in 2020

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Are you planning a 2020 wedding? Our friends at share the wedding trends you can expect this year!

Wedding Dresses

Get ready for feathers and tulle on everything, as that is becoming a trend. As is choosing wedding dresses that are puffy and elegant for a walk down the aisle, but can convert into shorter dresses that make it easy for brides to dance at the reception.

Bolder Color Schemes

Instead of the soft and classic pastels that used to be a wedding staple, couples are now opting for color palettes that are dark and edgy or bright and fun. Expect to see a lot of mint green, purist blue, cantaloupe orange and deep purple.

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Weddings

Couples are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by switching from paper to digital invites, making sure vendors are using locally sourced products, trying not to go overboard with portion sizes, adding vegan food options, and donating leftover food as well as flowers after the wedding.

Heavy Florals

Flowers used to be nice centerpieces for the tables, but in 2020 you'll see them as an integral part of the ceremony. Couples will let flowers drive the design with floral arches and garlands everywhere. Nature is in, so expect to see other greenery such as indoor trees and pampas grass.


Formal sit-down dinners and pre-fixed menus are becoming a thing of the past. With so many new dietary restrictions, couples need to find ways to make sure everyone is able to eat, and that means going for a less formal, more fun DIY-style dinner, even going as far as to include food trucks or a BBQ.

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