5 Common Wedding Invitation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Here’s how to pull off the perfect wedding invitation.

By: Amanda Mushro

Picking out wedding invitations is both exciting and the perfect way to set the tone and theme of your big day. Besides giving your guests all of the must-have info for your wedding, they get a first look at the colors and details you’ll be meticulously putting together as the bride-to-be. So, to make sure your invitations have the perfect look, here are five common wedding invitation mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

1. Not Hitting the Scale

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Photo by: Prapass Pulsub

Prapass Pulsub

Before sending invites, make a trip to your local post office and weigh a completed invitation to make sure you are putting the correct postage on each and every envelope. After all the time, money and effort you’ve put in, making sure they actually arrive to your guests on time and with the correct postage is key. This will help you avoid having your invitations returned and the envelopes stamped with a notice from the post office.

2. Too Much Info

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The beauty of a wedding website is that you can include as much information as you want. So, don’t clutter your invitations with more info than necessary. Instead, add a line about how guests can access your site. From there, they can find your registry, local attractions to partake in during your wedding weekend, options for hotels, wedding attire suggestions and more. This will keep the cost of the invitations down and the look of your invites clean and streamlined.

3. Too Much Time

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Be strategic with the amount of time you give your guests to RSVP. Most wedding experts suggest you set the return date for two or three weeks after guests receive the invitations. This ensures that they respond in a timely manner and the RSVP cards don’t get lost in the shuffle of their busy lives. Regardless, the return date should be at least a month before your wedding, so you aren’t cutting it too close for a headcount.

4. Ordering Too Many or Not Enough



Photo by: Sharon Pruitt / EyeEm

Sharon Pruitt / EyeEm

Before you order invitations, look at your guests list and remember that not everyone who is invited will receive an invitation. The rule of invites is one per household. However, be sure to have extra invites for mistakes, last minute guests and keepsakes.

5. Another Set of Eyes



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Even after reviewing your wedding invite sample a million times, there is still a chance you overlooked a typo. To make sure you catch mistakes before giving the O.K. to print, ask a few other people to check your work. A fresh set of eyes can be super helpful when it comes to catching small mistakes like misspelled words or missing information.

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