Do You Need Wedding Insurance? Here's What it Covers and What it Doesn't

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Bride and groom laughing  kissing tropical resort


Bride and groom laughing kissing tropical resort



After getting engaged, chances are your wedding planning to-do list looks overwhelmingly long. You have vendors to hire, décor decisions to make and a day-of timeline to organize. But, one of the things you might want to put high up on that list is looking into whether or not you should get wedding insurance. With the recent news of the coronavirus canceling a lot of spring weddings, having wedding insurance is something more couples are considering in case the unknown puts a damper on their wedding day.

Wondering what wedding insurance covers and what it doesn’t? Read on to learn all you need to know if you’re considering buying a policy to protect your big day.

What it Covers: General Liability Insurance

Wedding location in summer in Italy


Wedding location in summer in Italy

Photo by: BeyondTheRoad


The first type of wedding insurance you might want to get (and some venues require you to get before your big day) is general liability insurance, which covers you in case of any event injuries or property damage.

According to WedSafe, a website that provides couples with wedding insurance, you can get policies with limits up to $5,000,000 to protect you against any damage to the venue or any medical expenses that occur during your event.

What it Covers: Cancellation


Photo by: Blend Images - REB Images

Blend Images - REB Images

Another major thing wedding insurance covers is something that couples might find attractive now more than ever–cancellations.

Leah Weinberg, Owner of Color Pop Events, wants couples to consider cancellation insurance if they’re looking for protection and coverage of costs that incur if your wedding can no longer be held due to a major event (like a hurricane or blizzard) or due to illness of an immediate family member.

Weinberg also recommends that couples read the print of the policy or call their agent to make sure they fully understand the specifics within their individual policy.

What it Doesn’t Cover: Change of Heart

Bride and groom crying in the altar


Bride and groom crying in the altar

Photo by: FG Trade

FG Trade

Most wedding insurance doesn’t cover cold feet. According to Weinberg, your policy likely won’t cover what they call a “change of heart.”

“In other words, if the couple changes their mind about getting married for reasons outside of illness or a weather event, they can't make an insurance claim to recoup any lost money,” Weinberg said.

What it Doesn’t Cover: Lost or Stolen Items

Bride sitting in a ceremony waiting restaurant. Sitting sad with head and flowers in her hands.


Bride sitting in a ceremony waiting restaurant. Sitting sad with head and flowers in her hands.

Photo by: tomazl


Basic wedding insurance also doesn’t cover any lost or stolen items. However, if that’s something you want to invest in covering (a damaged wedding dress or your photographer’s photo files getting ruined or stolen), you can add that on as a supplemental policy.

What About Coronavirus?

Shot of a frustrated businesswoman using a tissue to sneeze in while being seated in the office


Shot of a frustrated businesswoman using a tissue to sneeze in while being seated in the office

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With the coronavirus pandemic taking over the news and our personal lives, a lot of couples who are planning to get married in the next few months are looking into wedding insurance, in case they have to cancel because of the virus. According to Eddie Zaratsian, owner of Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle & Design, wedding insurance most likely won’t protect them.

“Unfortunately, a pandemic isn’t a normal occurrence, so it may not be a clause within your policy regarding coverage for a canceled or postponed wedding,” Zaratsian said.

Most insurance companies have even updated their websites to share that if people didn’t purchase wedding insurance before 2020, the coronavirus will not be covered as a reason if they decide to cancel.

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