Instagram-Inspired Tablescapes for Fall Weddings

Let these designs inspire your next gathering!

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Cape Town, South Africa, vintage wedding decor in forrest


Cape Town, South Africa, vintage wedding decor in forrest

Photo by: Westend61


Whether you’re tying the knot, hosting your family for Thanksgiving, or throwing a dinner party, there are plenty of decorations to consider that will make your event special. We’ve rounded up some of the most pumpkin-clad, festive and fall-themed centerpieces that are sure excite guests.

Blue Pumpkin Dreams

Blue may not be a color that immediately comes to mind when you think of fall, but this tablescape will seriously change that. The blue and white pumpkins compliment the china, and it’s all perfectly topped off with deep navy and gold embellishments. For added flair, try incorporating blue and white family heirlooms.

Think Pink

Not only does this gorgeous tablescape incorporate pink velvet pumpkins, but teal and cream as well. The design would pair well with matching bridesmaid dresses and, if finding velvet pumpkins turns out to be a harder-than-anticipated task, you could always purchase real pumpkins and paint them.

Mum’s the Word

If pumpkins aren’t exactly your thing, Chrysanthemums are definitely the way to go. You could mix in greenery and even orange daisies. Also, if you do want to incorporate pumpkins, you could always put little planters of orange flowers in carved out pumpkins, which would make your venue smell like heaven.

Pumpkins and Flowers

We love how this wedding incorporated baby’s breath, hydrangeas and golden pumpkins. While keeping with a neutral theme, it still has sparks of color, like the light burgundy napkins. Not only is the effect classy and simple, but also easy to replicate for your own wedding or event.

Black, Orange and Delightful

While black and orange may be considered traditional for Halloween, it’s easy to think of as difficult to incorporate into an upscale event. Well, think again. With black glasses, white pumpkins and orange leaves, this tablescape includes all of the most fun, bold colors of the season. They also keep it light with black and white gingham.

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