Try This Fashion Trend: Pajama Dressing

Roll out of bed and you're ready for the day with this new trend!

September 06, 2018

Do you ever wish you could just roll out of bed, ready to go, without wasting precious time fumbling through your closet before heading out on an early morning coffee run or a quick stroll around the block with your dog? If this sounds like you (and we know it does!), hold on to your pumpkin spice lattes, because the latest trend is guaranteed to change your definition of "fashion forward."

That's right, ladies: pajama dressing is a thing, and this is one craze we can't wait to get behind! If you're having a hard time imaging yourself walking the kids to the bus stop while sporting your silkiest pajama bottoms or your coziest robe, we have the pictures that prove loungewear isn't just for the bedroom anymore. Here are some ideas for how you can style your PJs the next time you're ready to take on the town in comfort and style.

1. Pajama Shorts = Casual Comfort

This look is perfect for the skeptic who is still wrapping her mind around the idea of wearing pajamas in broad daylight. Ease yourself into this whole new world of comfort with a soft pair of cotton PJ shorts. Complete this casual look with a comfortable sweatshirt (or dress it up with a bright colored v-neck t-shirt).

2. Sporty, Meet Glam

We don't have to tell you twice that leggings and yoga pants are lifesavers. You can doll up this wardrobe staple with a flowy, breathable pajama top in satin, lace, or anything in between for a trendier take on your traditional yoga pants and t-shirt. Who says you can't get your Namaste on in the comfort of your most fashionable nightwear?

3. Nothing Beats a Boat Neck

There are infinite ways to accessorize your most versatile pair of leggings. One of our favorites is to pair them with an off the shoulder boat neck that shows a little skin. This self-referential shirt captures the essence of the ensemble, sending cozy weekend vibes out into the world.

4. Pretty Patterned Pants

If you're longing to don something that's a bit more feminine and a hint more daring, experimenting with colors and patterns may be the way to go. Inject some personality into either your top or your bottoms while playing the other safe with a solid neutral color to avoid overwhelming your accent piece.

5. We Go Together Like Jammies and Jeans

Who knew that a silky button-up nightshirt could masquerade so successfully as fashionable daywear in its own right? This shirt looks like it was made to be paired with your most comfortable jeans. From the looks of it, mixing and matching loungewear and standard everyday pieces is tr?s chic and totally on trend.

6. Bold, Beautiful Sets

Now that you've dipped a toe in the pool of pajama dressing, prepare to transition from casual functionality to high fashion with pajama sets that incorporate matching tops and bottoms. These floral printed PJs are daring without crossing the line, putting a classy new spin on business casual. Style with stiletto pumps for a dressier look or pair with ballet flats to enhance the comfort factor.

7. Kimono Robe: The Modern-Day Suit!

Have you been waiting this whole time to find out how you could pull off a trip to the grocery store without removing your robe? Look no further than the kimono, a stylish Japanese garment that can easily take the place of a cardigan (or maybe even a suit jacket). Kimonos come in a variety of pretty colors and patterns. No doubt the perfect piece is waiting for you!

8. Matching Your Mini-Me

Speaking as a mom, it can be hard enough to get through the seemingly endless morning routine without the added stress of dressing yourself and your little. Simplify your wardrobe with matching mommy and me leggings in fun, child-friendly fabrics and designs. If you plan to take on the town with a toddler in tow, you might as well cruise around in comfort and style. Bonus: you'll be ready to relax as soon as you get your baby down for that precious afternoon nap.

Does this new trend sound too good to be true? Go ahead and pinch yourselves so that you can rest assured you aren't dreaming. Pajama dressing is the perfect blend of escapism and practicality, helping to infuse the comfort that only your coziest jammies can provide into your everyday fashion. Or, ya know, turning the world into a giant pajama party, one nightgown at a time.

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