The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters and How to Make Your Own

So if you’re invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, why not DIY your own ugly sweater? Here are a few of our favorites for inspiration.

By: Amanda Mushro


A couple of people dressed in their best ugly sweater, posing for a christmas photo.

Photo by: dial-a-view


What used to be a holiday fashion faux pas has now become a festive must-have: the ugly Christmas sweater. From tinsel, trees, and even lights, ugly Christmas sweaters, are even being sported by the Royal Family. Well, maybe not the real Royal family but you can find their Madam Tussauds wax figures posing in their ugly sweaters. This crazy fashion craze has even caught on with designers who are charging big bucks for ugly sweaters. So if you're invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party, why not DIY your own ugly sweater? Here are a few of our favorites for inspiration.

Why just put a small Christmas tree on your sweater when you can become the Christmas tree! Hot glue tinsel, ornaments, and a star on a sweater and you'll spend your party time impressing your friends with your tree posing skills.

Turn yourself into a Christmas snow globe with a white long sleeved shirt, plastic wrap, fake snow, and a Christmas toy or ornaments. You can make this hilarious ugly sweater for just a few dollars and we're sure you'll be the hit of the party.

If you get a little hungry at the party, you can just snack off your sweater. Just tape or glue mini candy canes to a sweater for this festive look.

Bonus points for creativity, a mantle that lights up, and stockings! This DIY ugly sweater is a real crowd pleaser!

Who doesn't love Christmas cookies? With a little felt and a little creativity, you can display gingerbread men and women on your ugly sweater.

This sweater is so simple but will keep everyone laughing. Just attach a mirror to your shirt and top it off with a Santa hat and beard. As you mingle during the party, everyone will love getting their chance to play Santa on your shirt.

Want to make a reindeer for your sweater? All you need is a sock, felt and a little hot glue. So easy and so cute!

With a few small ornaments and a lot of tinsel, you can turn any plain sweater into a perfect ugly sweater.

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