Fall Fashion 2018: 8 Trends From the Runway

This season’s hottest trends span a wide array of style options to suit a variety of tastes.

September 12, 2018
By: Katie Morton

Between the chaos of back to school shopping for the kids, the return of after school activities and carpools, and, in some parts of the country, face-melting heat waves, it's no wonder you may have fallen behind when it comes to your own fall wardrobe. Never fear, we've got you covered - in plaid, gloss, and animal print! This season's hottest trends span a wide array of style options to suit a variety of tastes. From the fashion forward to the timeless classics, read on for the rundown on the 2018 runway.

1. Gloss and Glamour

This year's gloss trend is all about sleek, shiny fabrics, including vinyl, latex, plastic, and leather. These fashion pieces are both feminine and functional, provided you choose a waterproof finish. They are also described as appealing to your inner dominatrix (read: some pieces edge toward the...edgier side of fashion). Although this look is focused on clothing, we hear that lip gloss is also making a comeback!

2. Checks and Plaids

The time to channel your inner Cher Horowitz is now! The runway was teeming with colorful takes on plaid patterns, with an apparent emphasis on shirt dresses and the color yellow. Mixing and matching different colors and patterns is encouraged and may yield surprisingly chic new looks.

3. Binge on Fringe

Wild West influences were highlighted repeatedly in fashion shows this season, and fringe styling naturally fits in with the cowboy aesthetic. Fringe can be used to adorn a variety of outfits and accessories - from dresses and jackets to purses and shawls - making it a highly versatile stylistic touch that you can rock equally well in cowboy boots or stilettos.

4. Coming in hot...pink!

Though hot pink isn't a color we generally associate with autumn, designers weren't afraid to create that association for us on the runway this season. Hot pink wardrobe choices make a stronger, bolder statement than the muted millennial pink that has been trending for the past two years. And honestly, can you think of anything that makes a stronger statement than a pink pantsuit?

5. Pretty Prairie Dresses

If the thought of a prairie dress calls to mind the image of Laura Ingalls Wilder and her sisters sporting plain, modest dresses with stiff, starchy collars, it's time to rewrite that Little House narrative, as the prairie dress offers tremendous modern-day potential. With a variety of prints and fabrics, as well as accessories to dress the outfit up or down, the possibilities are seemingly as endless as a prairie itself.

6. Timeless Trouser Suits and Pencil Skirts

With Meghan Markle so elegantly sporting the trouser suit look that was made popular on the fall and winter 2017 runways, this classic style is sure to carry over into the current season. But if you want to keep up as the fashion tides turn or stand out in a crowd of pantsuit-clad power players, consider trading your trousers for a skirt, as Chanel and Louis Vuitton recently debuted this stylish new spin on the old trouser trend.

7. Texas-Sized Totes

There's good news for anyone who has been dying to bag the micro-purses that "swept the nation" earlier this year. We'll say it again for those in the back - when it comes to handbags, bigger is better. Now that oversized totes are back in vogue, you're once again free to fill your purse with water bottles, laptops, athletic gear, or maybe even your purse dog - you know, the essentials!

8. Animal Prints Rule the Runway

In keeping with the overarching trend toward beautiful, bold styles and patterns, animal prints are more accessible than ever before. Get in touch with your inner wild child as you explore prints ranging from leopard to zebra and everything in between. Don't forget footwear; simple snakeskin ankle boots may be the perfect accent piece to dress up a casual outfit. It's easy to get stuck in a wardrobe rotation that feels tired, dated, and just plain blah. If you're looking to expand your horizons and dabble in the world of high fashion, consider adding some of these trendy pieces to your collection this season. Whether you choose to embrace vinyl pants or simply layer a fringed scarf over a hot pink sweater, you are sure to make an impression with these fashion forward fall styles.

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