How to Fake a Blowout Without Picking Up a Blow Dryer

Blowouts leave your hair feeling soft and shiny. Learn how to take a blowout at home with these hair styling tips.

June 09, 2016
By: Amanda Mushro

Photo by: iStock


When it comes to your hair, is there anything more fabulous than having a professional blowout? If having someone play with your hair for an hour wasn't heaven enough, the finished product is pretty amazing. Who doesn't want sleek, shiny, extremely bouncy hair? And wouldn't it be amazing if you could have a fresh blowout a few times a week? If your schedule and your wallet don't allow for weekly blowouts, here's how you can fake a blowout -- and make it last for days!

1. Start with dry hair that hasn't been washed that day. Sometimes freshly washed hair doesn't hold the blowout as long, so skip shampooing today.

2. Prep your hair by spraying heat protectant or dry shampoo all over your hair. Be sure to spray your roots and flip your head upside down while spraying to give your hair some added volume. If your hair tends to fizz and you have a lot of fly-aways, don't worry because you want to start with a lot of volume--a lot more than you'd normally have, and the curling will smooth out any frizz or fly-aways.

3. Gather your hair in a "mohawk" -basically separating your hair into three sections: top, left side, and right side, and use a clip to secure your hair on top of your head.

4. Now it's time to start curling your hair. Using a curling iron with a 2-inch barrel, begin curling the sections of the "Mohawk." As you curl, be sure to roll the curling iron away from your face each time.

5. Help the curls keep their shape by pinning the curls to your head while they cool. Repeat with each section on the top of your head and lightly spray with hairspray.

6. Just like you created sections on the top of your head, do the same with the sides and back of your head. Use clips to separate this hair as well.

7. Again, begin curling pieces away from your head, pin the curl to your head to cool, and lightly spray with hairspray.

8. Once you have curled all of your hair, allow a few minutes for each curl to cool and set.

9. If you're looking for a sleek and round brushed look, brush out the curls after they have cooled, and a flat iron is a great way to smooth out your roots or any fly-aways. Use a finishing spray or serum to make your hair look shiny and protect your new salon-worthy style

10. For beachy waves, gently tousle the curls with your fingers for a more loose and natural look.

11. If you're looking to hold the curls tightly, be sure to spray your hair with light and flexible hairspray one last time before you head out the door.

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